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Since 1975, World Vision El Salvador has been working in development in the areas of health, education, environmental conservation, supporting small farmers, small development of infrastructure, among others, through the Transformational Development Program.

World Vision focuses its work to achieve impact in childhood and adolescence. Based on the evolutionary development of childhood, initiating the care and health of pregnant women, and accompanying children until they become young people with options to set in their territory and have life expectations.

To make this possible we work with local partners, to ensure sustainable development of the welfare of more vulnerable childhood, their families and their communities.

We work in the poorest municipalities in El Salvador; identifying the main needs and their causes. We define and design a multi-year development plan of the territory, together with local partners, and install a program in the community where projects are developed according to the age of children.

World Vision El Salvador, emphasizes his work on: health and nutrition; education; HIV and AIDS; reproductive health; water and sanitation; global warming and the environment. These sectors make up life skills, divided into three components: Life skills; livelihood; and self management and leadership. The areas of prevention and emergency care and advocacy. 

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