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20 October: UNC Conference Side Session 

Join us at the UNC Water and Health Conference for the Friday morning side session Calling all WASH Experts: Tools and Case Studies for Multi-Sectoral Action. This session will focus on the release of the BabyWASH Coalition programme guidance and advocacy documents focused on more integration. Join us to hear about the process behind making the documents and how best to use them. For more information on the UNC conference and to register, visit  

27 July: WEDC Capacity Development Workshop 

Join us at the WEDC Conference at Loughborough University for a half day capacity development workshop entitled Practical Strategies for Multi-sectoral Integration to improve maternal and child health. This session will take participants through the BabyWASH concepts and a role playing excercise to practice identifying the entry points for integration. For more information about the conference, visit 

21 June - 23 June: InterAction Forum 2017

The BabyWASH Coalition was at the InterAction Forum in Washington DC. We convened two different sessions. The first, entitled Coalitions: the good, the bad and the effective, brought together various types of networks, coalitions and partnerships to explore the common threads that led to success, and the common challenges. The second, entitled Practical Integration: learning the skill, took participants through possible strategies and tools for integrating programs within and between organizations. For more information, visit 

21 April - Side Event at Civil Society Policy Forum

The Civil Society Policy Forum took place during the World Bank/ IMF Spring Meetings. The BabyWASH Coalition hosted a joint session with Save the Children and World Vision on Friday entitled "Pneumonia and Diarrhoea: how horizontal UHC reforms can address key childhood killers." Check out #BiggestKillers on twitter to see quotes from the session and a link to the recording on Periscope. 

13 April - BabyWASH Webinar

Visit the webinar recap page HERE for a review of the presentation around innovations and emerging research for multi-sectoral actions. 

21 March - SuSanA March Webinar: 'Multi-Sectoral Actions for WASH - the theoretical vs. the practical'

On March 21st, the BabyWASH Coalition co-hosted a webinar with the SuSanA secretariat on multi-sectoral actions for WASH. The continuum for integration created by BabyWASH was presented as the theoretical nature for integration. Then, practical examples from ACF and World Vision were shared followed by a lively discussion around what can be done to move us along the integration continuum and to be more effective in our programming. More information on the discussion and presentations can be found HERE


4 October - 27 October SuSanA Thematic Discussion hosted by the BabyWASH Coalition

The BabyWASH Coalition hosted a month long conversation around the need for integration.  You can find the discussion at and the synthesis report below:


11 October - Side Event at UNC Water and Health Conference 

BabyWASH and Clean, Fed and Nurtured co-hosted a side event at the UNC Water and Health Conference entitled Moving beyond talk: entry points for WASH integration. We had a panel discussion about the current needs for integration in the first 1,000 days and then opened up a group discussion around provocative questions. We ended with small group discussions and a feeback time to help inform where the BabyWASH Coalition will start its work. 


20 September - Launch of the BabyWASH Coalition

*The Launch took place during the High-Level Every Woman Every Child Reception during the UN General Assembly

The BabyWASH Coalition officially launched on the evening of Tuesday, 20 September with a commitment to the Every Woman Every Child movement. This commitment binds more than 30 organisations together in the search for effective integrated approaches during the first 1,000 days of a child's life. During the launch, Kevin Jenkins, CEO of World Vision, and Sarina Prabasi, CEO of WaterAid America, along with support from the CEOs of the Coalition steering group and the strong enthusiasm of all participating organisations, gave a strong statement in the support of integration. Check out the press release HERE



1 June – Joint WASH and Health CoP hosted by World Vision

The CoP meeting consisted of a report on the current state of World Vision's internal BabyWASH toolkit. Then, Coalition members updated the group on the outcome of the stakeholder engagements from May, and the way forward for workstreams. 

Find out what you missed HERE


 19 May - BabyWASH Lunch Event at Core Group

During a lunch event at Core Group in Portland, Oregon, USA, World Vision and Emory shared about the BabyWASH initiative to help spread the word and garner new support. 


16 May – BabyWASH Coalition and WHO Joint Side Event on Integration

At the Women Deliver Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark, the BabyWASH Coalition and the World Health Organization came together to host a side event on the importance of investing in the early years. The session presented current ECD research that went into a soon to be released Lancet series on ECD (2016) and the research around environemtnal enteric dysfunction showing the need for more integrated approaches to move the needle on stunting and mortality numbers. For recordings of any of the sessions or for more information, contact us.

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