World Vision International

How We Work

World Vision lives and works in communities to co-create WASH solutions that last.

World Vision has chosen WASH as one of our key global focus areas, investing intentionally in WASH interventions where they are most needed. Each individual WASH programme is part of a global strategy, combining a contextual approach with global best practice and evidence-based solutions to bring clean water, dignified sanitation and appropriate hygiene to every child in every World Vision programming area before 2030. World Vision views each WASH project as part of a global whole.

We recognise that each community is unique, so we work intentionally in each community to build trust and confidence, identify needs, design and plan appropriate solutions, and mobilise for action. When World Vision comes to a community for a development programme, we commit for approximately 15 years with that community. It takes time to build trust, identify needs, design appropriate solutions and mobilise for sustainability

Another differentiation with World Vision is that we don’t do WASH programmes alone. Rather, WASH is often the very first step to a holistic community development programme, that addresses a variety of needs in a community, including WASH, education, health, livelihoods, agriculture and food security, and more.

World Vision utilises a variety of interventions in our WASH programmes, based on community need, resources and local capacity, and ability to sustain.

Given the growing number of man-made and natural disasters occurring around the world, WASH is one of World Vision’s first areas of intervention when responding to a disaster. Securing a clean water supply and safe sanitation is one of the first steps to helping to stabilise people affected by a disaster.

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