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publication • Saturday, January 14th 2017

The Handbook for Development Programmes

The Essentials

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This handbook describes the essentials of World Vision’s Development Programme Approach. The focus of this approach is equipping local-level staff to work effectively with communities and partners toward the sustained well-being of children, especially the most vulnerable. The approach serves as a vehicle to integrate and focus the development programmes on child well-being priorities – including the child well-being targets in the World Vision National Office strategy. 

This Development Programme Approach is built on good practices from many World Vision offices and programmes, as well as learning from other organisations. It reflects and enables continual improvement of World Vision’s development practice. The essentials of the approach should be applied flexibly in context, based on a national office’s experience and learning. 

This handbook is designed for use by World Vision staff who seek to understand and apply the approach. 

The handbook has three parts:

  1. Background: World Vision Essentials
  2. What Is World Vision’s Development Programme Approach?
  3. Putting World Vision’s Development Programme Approach into Action

The handbook can be used by programmes with sponsorship and those using grant funding.