Doruka, Uganda

Empowered refugee girl

Eight-year-old Doruka has been living in a refugee settlement in North-West Uganda, since fleeing South Sudan in 2017.

The political conflict, violence and lack of food in her community forced her to flee...

Refugee girl in Uganda

... with her sister, two brothers, and her grandmother.

Doruka’s father was killed in South Sudan and her mother’s whereabouts are unknown.

It took her a month to reach the Ugandan border.

Two child refugees smiling

Along the way, Doruka had to walk through thick jungles, cross rivers and streams, and rely on the kindness of others for food, to get to the border.

Upon arriving in Uganda, she was given water and high-energy biscuits, and was allocated a plot of land, with a shelter.

Two child refugees smiling and eating

Each month, World Vision provides food rations and clean water to thousands of children like Doruka.

Our peace clubs, child-friendly spaces, and counseling services are helping South Sudanese children to recover from the horrors they witnessed.

She loves to sing, dance and play with her friends.

Girl writing in notebook at school

A regular visitor to our child-friendly spaces Doruka is now top of her class and very popular with students and teachers alike.