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In Ecuador, World Vision began operations in 1978, working in traditional projects in the province of Chimborazo.

During the 70s and 80s, World Vision operations were directed individually to rural indigenous communities, with projects in health, education and community infrastructure.

In the 90s, and the beginning of the next decade, the methodology for working together with several communities in the same geographic area through Area Development Programs, PDA, was developed. It redefines the proposed intervention to transformational development, focused on children and the community, based on Christian principles.

From the year 2005, in order to achieve greater impact and sustainability, it developed into the intervention strategy by age groups. This strategy focuses on support to children at different stages of development, according to their comprehensive needs in the areas of health, education, protection, participation and life skills with values​​.

Today, World Vision Ecuador works with about 700 indigenous, peasant and Afro descendants in nine provinces across 23 Area Development Programmes, benefiting 57,000 children, adolescents and youth.

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