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Martes, Octubre 2, 2012 - 03:54
24 Horas de Ayunando
Niños y niñas de Guatemala se apropian de sus derechos
En días recientes, en la comunidad de San Pablo, San Marcos – cerca de la frontera con México – más de 1,000 personas de 18 escuelas caminaron por las calles de la comunidad para dar a conocer a la población los derechos de los niños y las niñas.
Morocho en el calor del hogar
Pujilí, cantón de la Provincia de Cotopaxi, su nombre en quichua significa “posada de juguetes”. Está ubicado a 10 km kilómetros de la ciudad de Latacunga y se encuentra rodeado de altas y coloridas montañas. En esta población vive Patricia Márquez una mujer de 32 años, luchadora, emprendedora y que no se ha dejado vencer por las adversidades. Junto a sus tres hermosos hijos, como ella misma los describe, Steven (12), Marlon (10) y Sebastián (6 años) esta joven madre nos cuenta su historia.
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World Vision Thought Leaders


Isabel Gomes Headshot
Global Director, Humanitarian Operations

Isabel Gomes

After responding to crises in 15 countries over 20 years, I am more passionate than ever about alleviating suffering when disasters strike.

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Amos Doornbos headshot
Disaster Management Strategy & Systems Director

Amos Doornbos

Every day, I get to figure out how to use new approaches, new models, new technology to enable people affected by crises to rebuild their own lives

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Tony Rinaudo Headshot
Principal Natural Resources Advisor

Tony Rinaudo

My passion is helping farmers and communities regenerate and protect vegetation and, as a result, the environment and their income.

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Aline Rahbany headshot
Urban Programming Advisor

Aline Rahbany

My background is in development and humanitarian work across the Middle East and Eastern Europe, I currently lead our urban programming globally.

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Dan Irvine headshot
Senior Director for Sustainable Health

Dan Irvine

As the Senior Director for Sustainable Health, I enjoy leading our global maternal, newborn, child and adolescent health and nutrition work.

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Daniela Buzducea Headshot
Partnership Leader – Advocacy and External Engagement

Dana Buzducea

Dana leads our efforts to end injustice and inequality for the communities we serve by collaborating and advocating for broader impact.

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Esther Lehmann-Sow headshot
Partnership Leader – Faith and Development

Esther Lehmann-Sow

I am passionate about ensuring our work unlocks the potential and power of faith to build brighter futures for vulnerable children. 

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Andrew Morley headshot
President and Chief Executive Officer

Andrew J. Morley

I know the importance of our mission. And the more I witness our global impact, the prouder I become of our approach to development and relief.

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Angeline Munzara headshot
Livelihoods Senior Advisor

Angeline Munzara

I call on my more than 15 years of development experience at the national, regional and international level to change women’s lives. 

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Lyndsay Hockin
Senior Humanitarian Policy Advisor and UN Representative

Lyndsay Hockin

I draw on 10 years of working in some of the world's most fragile contexts, to advocate for children being left behind.

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Patricio Cuevas-Parra Headshot
Director – Child Participation and Rights

Patricio Cuevas-Parra

Patricio leads World Vision strategies and programmes to put children and young people's participation at the centre of advocacy and policy.

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Mirela Oprea Headshot
Social Norms and Behaviour Change Advisor

Mirela Oprea

As a Social and Behaviour Change Advisor, I harness the science of behaviour change to end violence against children.

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Elena Gaia headshot
Director of Global Campaigns

Elena Gaia

Violence against children keeps me awake at night. My passion to catalyse a movement to end it drives me as Director of Global Campaigns.

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Odoi Odotei image
Director, Global Faith & Development - Staff Spiritual Nurture

Odoi Odotei

I am filled with hope, because every day I see the good people’s faith helps them achieve.

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Richard Rumsey profile image
Livelihoods Global Sector Leader

Richard Rumsey

My passion is helping poor households move from dependency on hand outs to realising their potential and dignity through economic self reliance.

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