World Vision International

In a Fairer World

Changing the way the world works for children

Just as important as the work we do with children is the work we do for them. We advise world and local leaders in government, business and other private organisations so that the decisions they make will benefit and not disadvantage children.

We believe in challenging and changing the policies, systems, structures, practices and attitudes that keep vulnerable children and their families living in poverty. And we believe that children should be involved in change. Our advocacy is informed and driven by the communities we serve. The issues and injustices as told to us by children and youth form the basis of our work.

Wherever practical we prefer to put the power in the hands of children themselves - and help them to understand their rights and responsibilities and how to act when they sense injustice. This way the children will be the architects of a fairer society for themselves and future generations.

Global Campaigning

At World Vision we make it our job to be in the discussions that really matter. This might be at the local community level or in some of the world’s most influential places, such as UN headquarters in New York and Geneva and the European Union in Brussels

Why not join our current global campaign? Every year, one billion children experience violence. But it doesn't have to be this way. The campaign, called It Takes a World, aims to catalyse a global movement of people committed to keeping children safe from harm. Its name reflects that no one person, group or organisation can solve this problem alone. 

Learn more about taking the campaign pledge.