Our Work

 Who We Are:

  • Kids for Peace: Kids for Peace was founded in 2002 with the mission to promote “peace and love for the children of Kosovo

Today, along with Peace Education and Respect for Diversity, ‘Kids for Peace’ promotes responsible living through theory sessions, games and a range of intervention activities. The project also seeks to build skills in children a youth, such as public speaking and leadership skills that will help them lead their peers and others towards greater interaction for peace.
The project operates in 5 Kosovo Municipalities (Mitrovice/Mitrovica, Lypjan/Lipljan, Suhareke/Suva Reka, Rahovec/Orahovac and Zubin Potok.

  • Fostering Protection of Human Rights and Participation of Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian Civil Society’’ - an European Union funded project, managed by EU office in Kosovo and implemented by World Vision.

The specific objective is that Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian civil society is organisationally strengthened, participates in promoting human rights and advocates for the protection of their rights (with a special focus on child rights).

  • Local Initiatives for National Change

“Improving Social Protection Services for children and their community.”

The project works with 3 groups of children (62 children) and 3 community groups (35 parents) and could be extended to other communities.