World Vision Niger



Niamey base is situated in the capital city of Niger. A large portion of the population lives by the banks of River Niger which cuts across the city. Niameans [residents of Niamey] depend on small scale business and manual labor to earn a living. The area hosts 4 of our intervention zones or Area Development Programs:

1.      Harobanda Est

2.     Karadje

3.     Talladje

4.     Makalondi

5.     Torodi




World Vision’s Tillaberi Base serves some of the most vulnerable communities of Niger. It is situated to the West of Niamey and shares a border with Mali. In 2012, the area experienced a cholera outbreak that saw hundreds of people affected. The area of Tillaberi hosts 6 of our intervention areas or Area Development Programs:

1.      Tera

2.     Ouallam

3.     Sirba

4.     Simiri

5.     Komabangu

6.     Isame




Maradi shares a border with Nigeria. A lot of communities in the area depend on trade with Nigerians for upkeep. Though Maradi is set in a relatively fertile area of Niger, its people remain vulnerable to the effects of the food crises that have hit the country over the years. Maradi hosts 4 of our World Vision Niger Area Development Programs:

1.      Gobir Yama 

2.     Chadakori

3.     Goulbi Nkaba

4.     Kornaka West




Tahoua is situated to the North East of Niamey. It shares a border with Nigeria and Mali. A main high way stretching from Niamey to Algeria cuts across Tahoua. Though the weather in Tahoua is moderate compared to Niamey, it remains hot and dry. It hosts two Area Development Programs:

1.      Tahoua 1

2.     Tahoua 2




Zinder is geographically the largest of World Visions bases in Niger sharing a border with Nigeria. It is situated 861 km east of the capital Niamey. The area experiences harsh weather with high heat and frequent sandstorms to the East. The area hosts 3 Area Development Programs:

1.      Kassama

2.     Damagaram Takaya

3.     Gamou