World Vision International

Our Work

Children enjoy good health:

- 1,649 Children under 5 years of age participated in the monitoring and nutritional recovery project "Hearth in family."
- Around 1,128 families received support to establish livestock farms at their homes with guinea pigs, chickens and seeds like carrot, zucchini and onion, among others.
- 4,090 children under 5 years old participated in early stimulation activities improving their language, social and motor skills.
- More than 4,000 children under 5 years old and their families have access to basic food groups.
- More than 3,000 households have orchards and integral farms in their communities.
- About 1,138 mothers of boys and girls under the age of 5 improved and strengthened their knowledge on health care, hygiene, breastfeeding, complementary feeding, values, among other topics.
- 169 guide mothers were trained on food handling, hygiene and community pots, among others.
- 420 community workers, 123 school facilitators and 559 facilitators of sexual and reproductive health support the community monitoring.
- A meeting with the National Department of Nutrition and representatives of NGOs was held to analyze public policy on maternal and child health. An agreement was signed with the Ministry of Economic and Social Inclusion to improve the health care coverage of children under 5 years old and quality of services.

Children are educated for life:

- 1,723 teachers were trained in active learning and teaching methods; more than 300 schools were supported with teaching materials.
- 4,200 children improved their academic performance in mathematics and language.
- 2,025 adolescents were supported with access to formal education and around 1,000 adolescents have access to non-formal education.
- Around 5,100 children under 5 years old are involved in processes of integral development and, 3,000 parents have strengthened their skills of early stimulation.

Children experience love of God and their neighbors:

- Three printed texts about Christian Commitment are available and were implemented by six ADP.
- 15,000 children, adolescents and youths were involved in processes of spiritual nurturing with topics such as values and construction of life projects.
- 2,300 mothers and fathers participated in spiritual nurturing spaces to promote safe spaces and good treatment for children.

Children are cared for, protected and participating:

- 12 ADP have built spaces for child participation. (Píllaro, CEM, Achupallas, Palmira, Cebadas, Pasa, Pilahuín, Pujilí, Guano, Tiquizambi, Maquipurashun and Campozano)
- 3,300 children, adolescents and youth participated in spaces of advocacy, child protection and rights. 
- 15 communities of 8 ADPs have Community Overseers for children.
- 18 ADPs trained in module 1, and 4 PDA trained in module 2 of Gender Approach.
- 145 leaders of faith and young people from the communities were trained in "Channels of Hope" methodology to sensitize and mobilize their communities against HIV and aids.
- 2 representatives of the Episcopal Conference were certified as facilitators of Channels of Hope methodology.
- More than 2,000 adolescents and youths trained in sexually transmitted diseases and HIV/AIDS prevention focused on values.