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publication • Tuesday, July 11th 2017

Request for Proposals

Mobile Data Collection and Communication Platform Development Services

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Request for Proposals
Mobile Data Collection and Communication Platform Development Services
Issue Date: September 15, 2017 Due Date: September 29, 2017

World Vision Zimbabwe seeks proposals for mobile data collection and communication platform development services for project information management, monitoring and evaluation, as well as social and behavior change messaging for the USAID Integrated Maternal Neonatal Child Health and Family Planning (MNCH-FP) Program in Zimbabwe.

Program Background
World Vision (WV), in collaboration with sub grantees, is proposing to implement the New Integrated Maternal
Neonatal Child Health and Family Planning (MNCH/FP) Program. The overall purpose of this activity is improved
maternal, youth, and child health and survival in targeted communities and populations. This will be achieved through the following intermediate results:
1. Improved quality of MNCH-FP services
2. Increased use of MNCH-FP services and targeting hard to reach populations
3. Strengthened community systems and linkages to integrated MNCH-FP services.
4. Improved capacity for policy implementation

These intermediate results are expected to be achieved through close collaboration with Zimbabwe’s Ministry of
Health and Child Care (MOHCC) and provincial and district health managers in Manicaland, as well as the Zimbabwe National Family Planning Council (ZNFPC). This activity will incorporate the guiding principles of the CDCS and strategies that seek to strengthen health systems, improve service delivery quality, transform gender relations, and reduce barriers to improved health and health-seeking behaviors. A full description of USAID’s proposed activity can be found here.

Purpose: To develop an electronic platform for mobile data collection, monitoring and evaluation and project
information management. To develop messages and provide services for social and behavior change messaging
through mobile communication.

To obtain the detailed Scope of Work (SOW) and evaluation criteria, please write an email to:

In your email, please indicate your past performance information for up to three most relevant current or previous
awards performed within the last three years that are similar to what is described above. Also note that the closing
date for requesting SOW is 22 September, 2017.

World Vision Zimbabwe is not obliged to accept the lowest bid, or any bid because other qualitative factors are

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