World Vision Serbia


As the conflict in Syria drags on and living conditions for those seeking shelter in neighbouring countries continues to worsen, hundreds of thousands of refugees have made the difficult decision to try to reach countries in the European Union using dangerous routes over sea and land. For many, their decision and their route brings them through Serbia. Most are traveling on foot. Few have more than the clothes they are wearing.

Since September 2015, World Vision has been providing support for those transiting through Serbia (a large percentage of whom are refugees from Syria and Iraq) by delivering critical supplies like water, food, blankets and warm clothes and providing assistance to women with young children at the Serbia borders with Croatia, Hungary and Macedonia.

As temperatures drop and winter approaches, the number of refugees continues to increase. World Vision is concerned about the protection of children, especially those travelling on their own, and the immediate needs of children and their families. 

World Vision is responding to the refugee crisis in the Western Balkans by providing basic hygiene and food packages as well as child protection services.