World Vision South Sudan
publication • Friday, March 15th 2019

South Sudan - January 2019 Situation Report

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  • South Sudan remains in a serious humanitarian crisis due to the cumulative effects of years of conflict and violence against civilians which has destroyed livelihoods and forced displacement of more than 4.2 million people both within the country and as refugees in the neighbouring countries.
  • Wide spread conflict continues to undermine food security in the country with 7.1 million people expected to be in need of life saving humanitarian assistance through 2019. Children, pregnant and lactating women remain at a high risk of malnutrition as they continue to be the most affected by the crisis which has limited access to food.
  • Children have had their education interrupted as the ongoing conflict has forced schools to close down. This has left children out of school and in need of assistance to resume their studies.
  • Conflict and insecurity has limited humanitarian access and this has left displaced children and their families vulnerable as they mostly depend on aid for food and essential relief items.

For more information, read or download our January 2019 situation report.