Our Senior Leadership Team

Edward ('Eddy') Brown

National Director-Ethiopia


Edward Brown, WV Ethiopia National Director

Edward has served for over 17 years in World Vision, taking on a variety of roles, both at National Office level and in WVUS. Most recently, over the past six years, he has served as the National Director for WV Zimbabwe.

Prior to Zimbabwe, Edward held roles as the Senior Director for HEA at WVUS; Chief of Party for the $250 million Consortium for Southern Africa Food Emergency; and WV HEA/Relief Director in Zimbabwe. Edward is currently working as a National Director of WV Ethiopia since April, 2016.

Edward has written numerous articles (World Vision Magazines, Foreign Policy Association, Slant Magazine, papers and successful proposals (including over $300 million total in funding from USAID, WFP and private donors). He published a book in 2008 titled “From The Forbidden Fruit to the Final Feast: Biblical References to Food in the Bible and What They Teach Us About God, Hunger and the Human Condition.”

Edward is fluent in Portuguese and Spanish and is an avid traveler, and loves learning about cultures and history. He is currently pursuing a PhD at Oxford Centre for Mission Studies.

In 1998 Eddy graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Masters in International Affairs from Columbia University in New York City and was first in his 1996 class at the University of Maine with a B.A. in International Affairs, double majoring in Political Science and Cultural Anthropology. 

Edward is married to Sandra Marisa Guerra Carmelino Brown and has two daughters, Eliana and Elizabeth Grace. Edward and his wife have been involved in many ministries over the years, including current evangelical and humanitarian outreach through Avondale Christian Church in Harare. 

Alex Whitney

Integrated Programmes Director


Alex Whitney, Integrated Programmes Director











Alex has been with World Vision since 2001. He started working as a volunteer, Support Recruitment Agent from 2001-2003 and Policy Officer in 2003 in WVUK. He worked in WV Senegal as Programme Associate, DME Manager and Operations Director from 2004-2012. He also worked as Operations Director in WV Haiti from 2012-2015.  He became Operations Director for WV Ethiopia in 2015. 

He holds BSC in Planning Studies (developing countries) from Westminster University and MA in Urban Planning and International Development from Oxford Brookes University.

He is married with one child.

Elenie Mergia

Field & Sponsorship Management Division Director


 Elenie Mergia, Field and Sponsorship Manager


Eleni has joined World Vision Ethiopia in February 1998 after four years’ experience in the Ministry of Agriculture. She joined as Agriculture Facilitator in one of the ADPs in the central part of Ethiopia – Tiya. She worked in various capacities and positions in the organization. As Assistance ADP Manager in Sodo ADP – southern Ethiopia, as ADP Manager in Ephrata ADP – northern Ethiopia, as Program Office Associate Director coordinating all Area Development Programs in the eastern part of the country, and as Livelihood Department Associate Director for the National Office. She came to Integrated Program Division in November 2012.

Eleni has BSc degree in Animal Production and Range Land Management from Hawassa University and MSc degree in Organizational Leadership from Eastern University of the United States.

She is married and a mother of four children and is Christian by faith.


Tigist Kelemework

Support Services Division Director


Tigist Kelemework, WV Ethiopia Support Service Division Director


Tigist Kelemework started working in WV Ethiopia in 2013. Since then she had been working as an ICT Manager from March 2013 to December 2014.  Starting from January 1, 2015 she is working as Support Services Division Director.

Prior to WVE, she worked in Plan International Ethiopia as an ICT Manager and in Women for Life as a Managing Director. 

She holds BSc in Computer Engineering in USA and Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Switzerland.

She is married and a mother of three children.

Hellina Woldetensae

People and Culture (P&C) Director


Mrs. Hellina, WV Ethiopia People and Culture Director


Hellina joined World Vision Ethiopia as a P&C Director on May, 2016. Prior to World Vision Hellina has 10 years of progressive Human Resources experience, including deep proficiency in training/capacity building, employee relations and compensation management.

Hellin graduated from Addis Ababa University with a BA Degree in Public Administration and Development Management and also an MA degree in Human Resource and Organizational Development. 

She is married with 3 children and Christian by faith.

Beyene Geleta

Program Development and Quality Assurance Director 

Mr. Beyene Geleta, Porgram Development and Quality Assurance Director












Beyene worked in WVE in various positions from 1995-2009. He had been working as Program Development Coordinator, Regional Program Coordinator, Research Department Manager, Planning and Advocacy Department Manager, Branch Director, Ministry Quality Director and Operations Director.  

He left WVE in 2009 and worked for Tearfund UK, Save the Children International and World Relief.

Returning back to WVE in July, 2015, he is now working as Program Development and Quality Assurance Director. Prior to WVE, Beyene worked in Ministry of Planning and Economic Development of Ethiopia.

Beyene holds Bachelor of Arts in Geography from Addis Ababa University and Masters of Urban and Regional Planning from Heriot-Watt University of Edinburgh in Scotland, UK.

He is married and a father of six children.

Endalkew Mulugeta 

Finance Director


Endalkachew Mulugeta, WV Ethiopia Finance Director

Endalkew Mulugeta joined World Vision as a Finance Director as of June 1, 2019.  Endalkew started his career as Finance Inspector /Internal Auditor with Ministry of Finance and joined World Vision Ethiopia in 1994 as an Area Development Programme (ADP) Accountant and moved to different positions as South Branch Finance Coordinator, General and Grant Account Manager, Grant Finance Manager.

For the last 15 years, he served on the capacity of Finance Manager, Finance and Administration Director, Finance and Risk Director and Finance and Support Service Director with World Vision in Sudan, Lesotho, Zambia and DR Congo.

He is married a father of two.

Abraham Asmare

WASH Director 


Abrham Asmare, WV Ethiopia WASH Director


Abraham Asmare is WASH Director for World Vision Ethiopia. He received his B.Sc. Degree in Water Resource Engineering, M.Sc. Degree in Construction Technology and Management, MBA in Nonprofit Corporate Management and Certificate in Drilling Operations and Management.

Abraham is a certified professional water resource engineer by the ministry of water, irrigation, and energy of the Government of Ethiopia. Abraham worked for East Africa Region for the last five years to the level of Regional WASH Director for the region and in World Vision Ethiopia for 10 years as WASH Director and other capacities before joining East Africa Region.

Most importantly, he played a key role in the establishment of the WASH Program from scratch for World Vision Ethiopia. Since April 2011, he is supporting the nine countries in East Africa region in the establishment, planning and implementation of WASH Programs.

Prior to joining World Vision Ethiopia, Abraham also worked for the government of Ethiopia as a design engineer and team leader for water resource projects like dams and diversion weirs with extensive irrigation infrastructures and water supply systems.

He has rich and proven experience in the management, planning, and implementation of WASH programs. Abraham is married and father of two daughters and one son.

Otto Farkas

Director, Resource Development & Donor Liaison


Otto Farkas –  Director, Resource Development & Donor Liaison, WV EthiopiaOtto brings over twenty-five years in international development, working with Civil Society Organizations, the UN, academia and Governments, with a proven record of achieving development results, enabling social innovation and transformational change in communities and systems.

Otto served in senior leadership roles in World Vision since 1995, leading diverse professional teams delivering high impact solutions for poverty reduction and managing operations in complex humanitarian environments. He previously worked in Mongolia, Germany, Canada and the Philippines.

In his current role, Otto provides leadership in the development and implementation of the WV Ethiopia's Resource Development Strategy and in the acquisition of new government, multilateral, foundation and private non-sponsorship resources to enable World Vision Ethiopia to increase its contributions to child well-being.

Otto has a Master of Arts degree in the Social Sciences from the University of Budapest in Hungary. He also served as part time faculty and lecturer in International Development at The Business School of Humber College in Toronto. 

He is married to Katrin and they have four grown children. Otto and Katrin worship at St Matthews Anglican Church in Addis Ababa.

Dr. Negussie Teffera

Chair of Advisory Council


Negussie Teffera has over 30 years of experience in the development sector. Currently he is the Country Representative Population Media Center International. Some of his affiliations includes Head of Foreign Affairs, Justice and Information Bureau in the Office of the Prime Minister with a rank of Vice Minister, and Head of National Office of Population, Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, with a rank of a Minister. Dr. Negussie was the Chairman of the National Committee which drafted the National Population Policy of Ethiopia. He was also the Chairman of the Task Force which developed the first National Population Communication IEC and Advocacy Strategy for Ethiopia.

Dr. Negussie Teffera a winner of The 2011 African Chairman’s Award for Excellence in Communication Strategy for Social Development has also published several journal articles, and papers and books in Communications.

Negussie holds Ph.D in Communications, MA in Journalism studies from the University of Wales, UK, M.Ed from University College Cardiff, UK. and BA in Political Science and Government from Addis Ababa University.


Wondafrash Temesgen, AC Member


Wondafrash Temesgen has over 22 years of experience in Economic Development.  Currently, he is serving as resource mobilization and NGO Coordinator with North Gondor Plan and Economic Development Office.

Wondafrash holds MA in Economics from Universidad De Oriente, Cuba.

Rev. Tseganesh Ayele, AC Member

Rev. Tseganesh Ayele has over 20 years of experience. Currently she is working as a Director in Women Ministry in EECMY.  

Tseganesh holds BA in International Relation and Global Study from New Generation University, MTH in Applied Theology from Chester College in UK, MLM 2nd Degree in Leadership and Management from EGEST, Addis Ababa and other Advance Diploma Studies. 

Agedew Redie, PhD, AC Member

Agedew Redie has over 25 years of experience. He is currently working in Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Chruch Development and Inter-Church Aid Commission Commissioner.

Agedew holds Degree in Comparative Studies Guidance and Psychology, MA Counseling Psychology, M.Ed. International Educational Planning and policy studies and PH.D Ed, Psychology. 

Getu Gizaw, AC Member

Getu Gizaw has over 20 years of experience. Getu is an owner and Manager of Gechaschu Trade and Service PLC.

Getu holds BSc in Pharmacy from Addis Ababa University and Diploma in Theology from Evangelical Theological College.

Meheret Alemu, AC Member

Meheret Alemu has over 5 years of experience. Currently she is working in Ethiopian Federal Police Cyber Crime Investigation Department.

Meheret holds BSc in Information Science.