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Food Assistance

Together, we can end hunger - even in hard to reach places!
Hunger and malnutrition remain two of humanity’s greatest challenges. The United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization estimates that 795 million people, or one in nine, live in hunger. Poor nutrition is an underlying cause of approximately 2.7 million childhood deaths each year. In addition, 161 million children are stunted and 51 million suffer from wasting. 

Over the past decade, over 100 million people have been freed from the indignity of hunger, contributing to the near achievement of the hunger target set out in the Millennium Development Goals. World leaders have committed to 'end hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture' under Sustainable Development Goal 2, making our vision of a hunger-free world a global priority.

World Vision is a proven and dedicated partner in the global effort to end hunger. Food assistance saves lives through addressing the most dire and immediate forms of food insecurity, while enhancing livelihoods, improving health and education, and empowering communities to become self-reliant.

World Vision provides life-saving food assistance to 8.8 million hungry people annually in nearly 35 countries. Its US$313 million programme includes general food distribution, cash and voucher-based programming. These modalities support vulnerable group feeding, integrated school feeding, as well as Food for Assets and Food for Work to strengthen household and community resilience.

For more information, please contact thabani_maphosa [at] wvi [dot] org (Thabani Maphosa).

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