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Catastrophic earthquake in Türkiye and Syria

World Vision Syria Response has effectively reached 7,571,294 people through its Syria and Türkiye Earthquake Response, with 2,371,614 girls and 1,997,595 boys among them. 

Our services start from but are not limited to education, psychological support, WASH, and rehabilitation to health and psychical therapy. Our services continue and we shall serve vulnerable people.

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More than 13.4 million people have been forced to flee their homes

Syria Crisis Response


World Vision Syria Response


Since the Syrian conflict broke out, World Vision began implementing its interventions on the field. Starting from basic needs provision to rebuilding homes and lives.

Today, we remain true to our promise of supporting internally displaced Syrians through integrated programmes in multiple regions along with Syrian refugees who sought safety in Jordan and Türkiye. For more than a decade, the Syrian population has been witnessing a challenging reality resulting in more than 6.5 million displaced persons living in camps and over 3.6 million refugees only in Jordan and Türkiye.

Whilst immense efforts are being dedicated to alleviate their hardships, decreasing funding, unstable living conditions in Syria and weathering living conditions make the Syrian crisis one the most catastrophic crises the world witnessed. World Vision has been working to relieve their struggle by providing food, water, shelter and education services to more than 7.5 million people. Whilst the situation remains challenging, on 6 February, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Western Syria and Northern Türkiye further amplifying the crises.

This resulted in a catastrophic loss of lives reaching more than 50,000 people dead and 2.5 million children affected- many of them separated from their families and are unaccompanied. For that reason, World Vision mobilised its staff to aid people affected, providing food, water, shelter, blankets, psychological support and safe spaces for the survivors. Ever since, World Vision reached 6,4 million people thus integrating Syria- Türkiye into the regular programming enabling World Vision staff to reach more vulnerable people.

World Vision Syria Response Interventions- Syria and Türkiye Earthquake

These free clinics are a mercy for people in difficult economic and living conditions because in paid clinics the costs are so high
Hatem, A father whose heart was broken and needed to seek urgent medical intervention after losing his son to the Syrian war