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Sri Lanka

World Vision Sri Lanka is a Christian relief, development and advocacy organisation working with all people regardless of their religion, caste, gender or ethnicity.

World Vision has been serving the people of Sri Lanka since 1977 and has invested more than $350 Million US dollars (LKR 35 Billion) in development and relief programmes spread across the Island.

The Area Development Programmes (ADPs) with their life span of 12 to 15 years, remain the flagship programme in World Vision’s work in Sri Lanka. The programmes are long-term, child-focused, sustainable, participatory and area-based.

In addition, five Humanitarian and Emergency Affairs (HEA) programmes support disaster mitigation, preparedness and emergency response in the North and the East. Through the Area Rehabilitation Programmes (ARPs) in Chavakachcheri and Chankanai (North) and Vaharai and Echchalampattu (East), World Vision responds and provides assistance to the returned communities to build back their lives and livelihoods. There are also two projects that care for street children.

Through all the programmes, World Vision serves nearly 1,500 villages in more than 500 small administrative divisions in the 20 districts, impacting the lives of over 240,000 children and their families.

  • 46Projects
  • 74,104Children
  • 517Staff