World Vision TanzaniaTanzania


World Vision Tanzania is a Christian relief, development and advocacy nongovernmental organisation (NGO) which started in 1981 as part of World Vision International Kenya. This followed a pastors’ conference in Dodoma involving 550 church leaders that was held in 1970, and other subsequent opportunities leading to the start of World Vision Tanzania.

In 1983, child sponsorship programmes were launched, benefiting 7,124 children. In the same year, non-sponsorship development projects and one evangelism project were initiated. 

World Vision Tanzania has operations in 14 out of 30 regions in the country, clustered in five zones. Every zone has between 12 and 16 Area Development Programmes (ADPs), managed by programme coordinators. 

Operating in 62 ADPs and with 27 grants and 53 private non-sponsorship projects, the office impacts the lives of more than 3.3 million Tanzanians, including 1.2 million children. 

  • 62Projects
  • 132,020Children
  • 641Staff