Adequate diet

During pregnancy, there are significant demands on the mother’s body to provide for the development needs of the growing baby. In order to meet these needs, a pregnant woman must consume more nutritious food. It is recommended that a pregnant woman add an extra meal to her normal routine and consume a nutritious snack every day. These practises should continue after birth, while the mother is exclusively breast-feeding. In addition, the mother should use iodised salt. Women who are deficient in iodine during pregnancy may have miscarriages or stillbirths, LbW babies or babies with congenital deformities. The best way to get enough iodine is normally through using iodised salt. 7-11 programming promotes appropriate messages about the mother’s need for an adequate diet, based on locally available foods.


  • Increased amount, quality and frequency of food during pregnancy and lactation

Target Behaviours/Results:

  • Mother takes one additional meal and eats an extra nutritious snack a day
  • Mother uses iodised salt


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