World Vision Lebanon


World Vision has been working in Lebanon for 40 years and began an emergency response to the refugee crisis in 2011. Since then we’ve helped more than 1.2 million people, including both refugees and vulnerable members of host communities, who also feel the impact of the crisis.

Our work in Lebanon includes providing cash transfers and food vouchers, as well as World Food Programme e-cards, so more than 550,000 refugees can buy the essential items they need.

To help provide children with a place to relax, play and learn, we’ve run Child Friendly Spaces and other activities for some 4,000 children, as well as opened adolescent friendly spaces where young people from different backgrounds can spend time and get to know each other.

In areas where refugees are living, we’ve also made improvements to water and sanitation systems.

With the escalation of the conflict in 2012, World Vision expanded our response efforts into Jordan and Syria during 2013.

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