World Vision International

Economic Development

Economic development is essential to World Vision’s goal of sustained well-being of children. When there is improvement in the conditions of economic justice along with positive change in parents’ incomes and assets, it paves the way toward enhanced household economic well-being.

This means that families have the option to spend money on the things that impact their children’s well-being. World Vision recognises that for children living in poverty, life in all its fullness begins with this sustained family well-being. 

Economic development is not an end in itself, but an essential element for sustained change so that families and communities can create nurturing environments where children can thrive.  

World Vision works to incorporate and strengthen economic development initiatives as part of its integrated programming approach. We know that without these initiatives, families could not send children to school, take them for medical treatment or protect them from life’s risks. 

These conditions – a  secure income, the accumulation and diversification of assets, along with stronger and diverse livelihoods –build resilience in households, in the community and in the nation. This, in turn, creates the lasting change for children – change that unlocks potential, inspires hope and secures dignity long after World Vision programmes are finished.

For more information, please contact kyhl_amosson [at] wvi [dot] org (Kyhl Amosson).