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Today, we continue to assist Lebanese families and refugee communities through development projects, emergency relief, and advocacy.


Lebanon's crisis as told by children: The Virtual Field Experience


See us: The crisis in Lebanon as told by children

 World Vision Lebanon launched the “See us: The crisis in Lebanon as told by children” initiative which provides children the opportunity to share their writings, drawings, and videos around the impact of the crisis on their daily lives.

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Beirut Explosion

World Vision helped more than 157,000 people as part of the response to Beirut Explosion. 

Coronavirus, COVID-19 Response, providing sanitation in Jordan

Responding to COVID-19

Around the world, the coronavirus (COVID-19) is taking lives, devastating families and disrupting life in previously unimaginable ways. 

We are responding in every country we work in to limit the spread of the virus and reduce its impact on vulnerable children and their families. 

Lebanon, is one of the 17 priority countries where we are increasing our efforts to protect especially vulneralble populations.

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Hussein standing next to his sister Hanaa

Syrian refugees and the fear of COVID-19: We are not willing to underestimate it, and the bombings were not as scary!

From abandoning their houses, becoming refugees in new countries, and facing discrimination, to suffering from an economic crisis and now a global pandemic. 

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children during the pandemic

How the Coronavirus is affecting children and their communities in Lebanon

The pandemic is directly affecting children in different ways; parents and caregivers losing their income, schools closed, lockdown inside the house, and emotional stress.

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Children including Bader and Fawaz during the BLN class in Qaraoun, Bekaa

Bader and Fawaz: Disability will not stand in their way

Bader, 13, dreams of being a doctor one day. Fawaz, 12, wants to be a pilot when he grows up. Bader and Fawaz, who had once lost all hope, have dreams like ordinary children now.

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Mhammad during the focused PSS session

Mhammad is off the streets and away from danger

The potential of any child is unmeasurable. Sadly, some children are forced to work in order to support their vulnerable families.

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Bayan strives for more

Holding on to hope when so much is lost is a skill, and 15-year-old Bayan is an expert in optimism.

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Lowering risks on street working children

Behind every refugee crisis are thousands of different and unique stories from people who experienced the worst hardships.

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Crossing borders, crossing boundaries

Violence, addiction, unemployment and a high crime rate; these are ingredients for social unrest in any city in the world.

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Syrian refugee child in Lebanon

For the love of education

"They are a generation being raised on abuse, and we are trying, as much as possible, to give them  hope of reducing the effects of violence,”

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6.1 million

Population, total


Capital City

53 billion

GDP (current US$)

World Vision started operating in Lebanon in 1975 with the onset of the civil war. Today, we continue to assist Lebanese families and refugee communities through development projects, emergency relief, and advocacy in four areas (Beirut, Beqaa, North and South of Lebanon).

Lebanon has been assailed by compounded crises: economic, financial, COVID-19 and the Beirut explosion on August 4th, 2020 (described by international and local media as a “tragedy”). The ongoing financial crisis that started in October 2019 is overwhelming in terms of economic and social costs. A shortage of foreign currency led to the Lebanese pound losing 90% of its value against the dollar on a newly emerged black market for the first time in two decades. Public debt-to-gross domestic product is the third highest in the world; businesses and jobs are disappearing, as poverty spirals out of control. Estimates reveal that more than 55% of the country’s population is now trapped in poverty, almost double to last year’s (2020) rate which was 28%.

These crises have severely affected communities’ access to basic services, lowering standards of living and threatening daily survival for Lebanese and Syrian refugees in Lebanon. It has also led to an increased school dropout, with an estimated 700,000 children out of school in Lebanon. This number is expected to be higher knowing that many families are unable to afford education-related expenses. 

In 2020, World Vision responded to the COVID-19 pandemic to limit the spread of the virus and reduce its impact on vulnerable children and families.

World Vision also responded to the Beirut Explosion and delivered assistance to 169313 beneficiaries including 67234 children.

World Vision programmes in Lebanon are designed to strengthen a child-sensitive social protection system for vulnerable girls and boys, through evidence-based interventions in child protection, education, water, sanitation & hygiene (WASH), basic assistance and livelihoods. Through its Sponsorship programme, World Vision has around 18 000 children registered.

We believe that we must work hard to prevent this devastating situation and provide the children of Lebanon with a brighter future. Every child has the right to be in school. And advocating for children’s right to education is our priority.

Our Work


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Water, Hygiene and Sanitation

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Basic Assistance and Livelihoods

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Girl during PSS

Child Protection