Health, Eswatini

Ayanda's Journey to Motherhood

Ayanda Shongwe from the Mtsambama constituency lost her first baby due to lack of knowledge about how she is supposed to take care of herself during pregnancy. World Vision stepped in and she now has a 5 month old healthy baby!

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Annual Report, Eswatini

Read Our FY22 Annual Report

This 2022 Annual Report provides insights into what was accomplished during the reporting year across diverse thematic areas. 

The Kingdom of Eswatini continues to face development challenges that impose negative effects on the wellbeing of children. We are grateful that we kept to the promise of reaching out to the most vulnerable children, in line with our strategy, Our Promise

Building resilience, Eswatini

World Vision Eswatini Helps Women Weavers Overcome Herdsmen's Challenge

In 2022, World Vision Eswatini, joined hands with Eswatini Environmental Authority (EEA), to buy 6.3 km of fencing for the Bhidlili wetland that people cut weaving grass (lukhwane) from. People from 3 communities (about 2,700 households) under the Mantambe constituency, namely, Manyandzeni, Mchinsweni & Mabonabulawe, obtain weaving grass from this wetland.

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Sanitation, Eswatini

World Vision Brings Water to Welcome Primary School, Improving Education and Health

For a very long time, learners from Welcome Primary had been juggling classes and fetching water for the school, compelling the school to be an inappropriate learning environment. According to Sibongile Nxumalo, a teacher from the Primary School located at Dumenkungweni community, the school would pause class sessions so that the learners would fetch water in containers.

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Livelihood, Eswatini

How a Gifted Sow Transformed a Family's Future

A Manana family from the Sigcineni community, under the Mahlangatsha constituency, has witnessed their life turnaround after being blessed with a donation of 1 sow (female pig) and pig feed from World Vision in June last year.

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Refugee, Eswatini

WV Eswatini appeals for the inclusion of children of Refugees & Asylum Seekers in free primary education during World Refugee Day 2023 commemorations

Primary school-going children of Refugees & Asylum Seekers are still expected to pay school fees. Yet, their parents are unable to pay school fees even after some were supported with payment of the required deposit. As such, some end up dropping out of school, a truly painful event for a child.

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Day of the African Child, Eswatini

Ikhwezi community children sensitized about the digital space

Tinah Mukunda, the National Director of WVE, encouraged the children to use digital technologies positively and limit their screen time.

She said, "I urge every child to use the digital space wisely and responsibly and to avoid excessive screen time. Too much screen time can lead to various health issues."

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DAC 2023, Eswatini

Safeguarding children in the digital era World Vision Eswatini reaches out to children in Mbabane

To honour June, the Month of the Child and the Day of the African Child, World Vision in Eswatini had a school outreach at Hermann Gmeiner High School in Mbabane. 

This year’s Day of the African Child theme is “The Right of the Child in the Digital Environment”, which means the right to non-discrimination which requires the government to ensure that all children have equal and effective access to the digital environment in meaningful ways.

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Menstrual Hygiene, Eswatini

Menstrual Hygiene Day 2023: 200 sanitary pads for Gebeni High School learners

In commemoration of Menstrual Hygiene Day, World Vision Eswatini, in collaboration with other child and health focused organizations convened at Gebeni High School under Ntondozi Inkhundla on the 2nd of June 2023.

200 packs of sanitary pads were donated to the high school learners.

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Livelihoods, Eswatini

Stitching Hope for Sidvokodvo's Most Vulnerable Children

In the heart of the Sidvokodvo community, the women of Coph’umlandvo Multipurpose embark on a daily mission that showcases the power of compassion. Armed with needles, thread, and an unwavering spirit, they transform excess garments into beautiful clothing pieces destined for the most vulnerable children.

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Livelihoods, Eswatini

From Selling One Goat to Owning a Thriving Business:How Empowered Worldview Training Changed One Man's Life

In 2018, Sihle Dlamini of Mkhiweni Constituency was faced with a daunting challenge - he had no source of income to take care of his pregnant wife and coming baby. He was worried about the kind of life he would be able to give his family. However, his life took a turnaround after attending World Vision Eswatini’s Empowered Worldview Training.

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Partnership, Eswatini

Eswatini Electricity Company and World Vision Eswatini form partnership to support 1,200 vulnerable people

World Vision Eswatini (WVE) has announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Eswatini Electricity Company (EEC). The partnership has been further solidified by a generous lump sum endowment of E952,731 (approximately USD 53,000) from EEC. This partnership is established to benefit about 1,200 people in their families, including children.

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Evidence and Learnig Day, Eswatini

World Vision Eswatini hosts Evidence and Learning Day 2023

World Vision Eswatini held its 3rd ‘Evidence and Learning Day 2023’, where they exhibited WVE programmatic interventions towards the fulfilment of Our Promise to Eswatini’s most vulnerable children and Going Further by empowering every girl and boy to reach their God-given potential. This year’s theme was “Going Further Together For Sustained Well-being Of The Most Vulnerable Children”.

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New House,  Food For Asset

Food for Asset Project helps man find shelter

Mkhulu Ngalaza Joseph Myeni was forced to sleep holding his stick to kill snakes because his house was prone to snake visits, especially at night. His house was built with sticks only, thus had holes all around that snakes could take advantage of. 

For over two years, he has been living in this condition. His turnaround came this year, June 2022, when World Vision Eswatini introduced a Food for Asset Project. This enables communities to be engaged in communal projects and then get food as compensation. The community was mobilised to come and assist and, in return, they would get food month-end. 

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New Toilets, Sanitation

World Vision Steps in to Prevent Closure of School with Poor Sanitation and Hygiene

Sigcineni High School was on the verge of being closed by the health ministry because their toilets were far below the expected standard. 

Earlier this year (2022), the state of the toilets in the school, with an enrolment of 325 pupils, had become so bad that some of the pupils would opt to use other options, such as relieving themselves in nearby forests.

The old toilets were horrible, and you needed to condition your mind before, during and after their use. 

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New toilets, Sanitation

New toilets restore dignity and pride to learners at St. Juliana Primary School

The state of the old toilets at St. Juliana Primary School was a disadvantage, mostly to the girl child. As girls on puberty, they were forced to use old corrugated sheets as make-shift doors or go with their friends who will then block the doors while the others were using the toilets.

Last year, World Vision supported this school with the construction of new toilets for pupils and teachers. St. Juliana has an enrollment of 178 pupils, comprising of double orphans, others with a single parent, and from vulnerable families, and eight teacher

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Healthy Babies, Response emergency

Healthy babies for Tikhuba women

One of the greatest joys for most women is giving birth to a healthy, bouncing baby after nine months of anticipation. However, some expectant moms may face the agony of giving birth to a baby with a poor health status or, worse, the loss of their precious baby.

For expecting women of Tikhuba, Matsanjeni North of Eswatini, this was a real possibility, especially during the peak of COVID-19, due to the lack of necessary multi-vitamins and medications in clinics. The monthly cash transfers received by the women of Tikhuba community meant they did not have to stress about attending antenatal care visits promptly, eating right and getting the necessary supplements.

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Child Protection, Eswatini

102 vulnerable pupils receive brand new school shoes, jerseys and backpacks

After wearing old plastic open flops to school, Nhlakanipho Myeni, who aspires to be a doctor, was pleased to get a new pair of shoes. He hasn't had a pair of school shoes in over three years, and he sometimes used to walk to Mlindawe Primary School barefoot. He also got a school jersey and a backpack to carry his books around in.

Praise Nkambule (12), a Grade 6 student, is one of the beneficiaries and lives with his grandmother. His father, who used to buy him school shoes, died early this year, so he had to go to school in old, torn shoes.

Livelihoods, Eswatini

How Eswatini’s flourishing vegetable gardens are helping reduce crime in maphatsindvuku community

Makis Dlamini, a member of the Maphatsindvuku Community Garden under Mpolonjeni Area Programme stated that this business had done wonders for him and his large family. This garden initially started with 25 members back in 2010 and now crows a total number of 81 members because of World Vision’s intervention. This has positively impacted over 500 children in the community.

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Clean Water, Nkiliji

From Spring Water to Tap Water

Nkiliji community has been getting water from a protected spring for over seven years. Before the protected spring, this community was getting dirty water from a running river. From time to time the residents would suffer diarrhea and other water borne diseases, long queues were hindering children to have ample study time.

Ekukhanyeni Area Program decided to implement a water system known as Nkiliji Water Project to provide clean water in the community. Currently five water taps have been installed and over 345 people in 45 households are benefiting.

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Sanitation, Eswatini

“Our children are now healthy and safe from drowning”

Over the years, Mahangeni community has lost a number of children through drowning in the Ngwavuma River while fetching water. This was the only water source for the community, with some households travelling up to three hours to and from the river.

The community decided to approach World Vision for assistance. The solar-powered water system was finally completed last month (October 2022), and about 40 households, with over 200 people, are benefiting from the project.

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Against all odds, Setsabile was one of the top student in the country

Excelling to academic success against all odds - Setsabile's story

From waking up in the wee hours of the morning, at 2am, in order to walk the long distance to fetch water for a bath before school, to becoming one of the country's top students in the EGCSE Examination of 2021/22, one can only imagine the determination of this young girl. This is the story of 18-year-old Setsabile.

She becomes quite emotional as she recalls how, as a little girl in primary school at the time, she would be so terrified of the dark. She feared all forms of danger, including being violated in some way, as she walked with others to fetch water for her morning bath. ­

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“Vegetable garden a door to exit poverty for me and my children"

“Vegetable garden a door to exit poverty for me and my children"

Having been going at their vegetable farming project for seven years, members of Mpalane Garden Association were beginning to lose hope when there was little income to show for their efforts.

Whatever they planted often got destroyed by livestock coming into the garden and eating anything that was beginning to sprout.

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Gift of one goat feeding family 10 years later
Child sponsorship

Gift of one goat feeding family 10 years later

Back in 2012, no one could have imagined that a small gift of a goat to a 12-year-old girl would one day feed a whole family and help send several children to school.

Phindile is one example of children and families that use what they are given profitably to ensure a positive change in their lives. The former sponsored child says she wishes to continuously grow her business and ensure that she and her family do not lack.

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Eswatini justice for children workshop

World Vision holds prosecutors' training targeting improved justice for children

Reports of violence, particularly sexual violence against children, continue to hog the news in Eswatini, despite the introduction of the Sexual Offences and Domestic Violence (SODV) Act two years ago. World Vision is keen to see children protected and, those who experience any forms of violence, receive justice. The organisation recently hosted a workshop for prosecutors and police officers in Eswatini to learn and discuss how the country can improve justice delivery for children.

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Letter Writing competition, Eswatini

Ngcebo crowned winner of the National Eswatini Letter Writing Competition

Submitting his letter on the last day of the letter writing competition,12-year-old Ngcebo from rural Gundvwini Primary School did not anticipate winning the national letter writing competition. He will be representing Eswatini in the global letter writing competition. Most importantly, the competition was entered by over 900 children countrywide. Ngcebo was motivated by his teacher, Lungile Masuku to enter the competition. 

The competition, hosted by the Eswatini Communications Commission, in partnership with the Ministry of Education, Eswatini Posts & Telecommunications Corporation, UNICEF, Macmillan Education, and World Vision, ran from 21 February to 21 March 2022. 

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Sponsored Sethu wins bronze in national letter-writing competition

Fifteen-year-old Sethu has suddenly become a community hero after beating more than 1,000 children to scoop third position in Eswatini’s national letter-writing competition for 2021.

Sethu is a sponsored child from World Vision’s Shewula Area Programme, situated about 144km from the capital city, Mbabane. She beat other learners from both rural and urban schools in the 13-18-year-olds’ Siswati category.

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World Vision's response to schools closure in Eswatini

World Vision's response to schools closure in Eswatini

World Vision regrets reports of the closure of schools in Eswatini, and encourages all parties in the current situation to work in a way that allows children to continue their education, in peace and security.  The most vulnerable children in Eswatini deserve their chance to prepare for the future with a good education.

We remain committed to responding to the needs of children and communities, providing our assistance where children are most in need.

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World Vision donates 57 million Emalangeni* worth of rice, with support from from Taiwan Government
Collaborating for broader impact

Rice donation to help alleviate hunger amongst the country’s most vulnerable

True to its humanitarian mandate, World Vision Taiwan, through World Vision Eswatini, has donated 3,000 metric tonnes of rice to Eswatini to help alleviate hunger amongst the country’s most vulnerable. The donation is in addition to 400 metric tonnes of rice donated by the Government of Taiwan. The total of 3,400 metric tonnes of rice will see more than 200,000 people benefitting in 59 tinkhundla (constituencies) across the country.

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World Vision started operating in Eswatini in 1992 as an emergency relief organisation, before transitioning to transformational development and advocacy for the most vulnerable children, people and communities. Eswatini continues to face development challenges that impose negative effects on the wellbeing of children. These include high levels of inequality and poverty, high unemployment rates, especially amongst the youth; high incidence and prevalence of communicable diseases (HIV and TB); high maternal mortality; high levels of chronic malnutrition; poor access to safe water; poor sanitation and hygiene; high incidence of violence, particularly gender-based violence against children (VAC) and women; high teenage pregnancy; and limited capacity to adapt to climate change. 

WVE supports broader governmental initiatives targeted at these challenges, particularly where the most vulnerable children are impacted. The organisation works with existing community structures to ensure sustainability. WVE also works very closely with the communities served, including children, parents and caregivers, partners, faith leaders, government departments, parastatals, international agencies, and the civil society. The active participation of children in designing, delivery and review of programmes is highly emphasised.

The transformational development programmes in WVE include Health, Nutrition and HIV; Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH); Livelihood and Economic Development; as well as Child Protection and Spiritual Nurture.

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A child posing with a placard which calls for people to report sexual abuse against children in Eswatini
It Takes Eswatini To End Sexual Violence Against Children

It Takes Eswatini

to End Sexual Violence Against Children

World Vision in Eswatini launched the It Takes Eswatini to End Sexual Violence campaign early 2018. The Deputy Prime Minister officially launched the campaign.

In an effort to popularize the campaign, World Vision engaged local artists, pastors and bikers as campaign ambassadors.

The campaign calls people to report sexual abuse for action.