It starts with me campaign, Laos

It Starts With Me campaign

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World Vision Laos


World Vision has helped children and communities in Laos for 40 years, aiming to create better futures for those in need.

We connect with communities to create a life-changing experience through development, relief, and advocacy. We adapt to challenges faced by vulnerable populations. Our programmes now focus on the most vulnerable children, especially in rural and remote areas with ethnic communities.

In 2022, we assisted a total of 359,000 individuals in Laos. This included support for 139,000 children. Our programs focused on improving nutrition, education, child rights, and emergency aid.


Our Impact


Children reached by our whole-child approaches


Girls, boys and adults supported by our programmes


People enjoying a new access to clean water

Our Areas of Focus

Ning, teenager who experienced early marriage

Integrated Health & Nutrition


Good health and nutrition empower children.

Our integrated approach promotes positive child development and well-being, prevents child death, reduces illness, and improves nutrition. We support pregnant women, mothers, caregivers, and service providers to protect, advocate for, and improve the health and nutrition of children where we work.

Kariya at school



Despite the pandemic and unprecedented disruption to learning, our whole-child approaches reached over 139,000 children including over 460 children with disabilities, enabling families, communities, and schools to provide nurturing care with playful and effective pedagogy.

It starts with me campaign, Laos

Child Rights & Equity


World Vision partners with families, faith leaders, and communities to ensure children thrive emotionally, physically, and spiritually, and are safe from any harm. Our recent advocacy campaign focuses on children's rights to a healthy planet.

Relief aid distribution in Laos

Humanitarian & Emergency Affairs


Before, during, and after emergencies, we are there: we work to restore hope by providing children and their communities with food, clean water, mental health support, education, disease prevention, and child protection activities.