Ning - Lao PDR
Child Protection

Early Child Marriage: a Bright Spark in the Dark for Ning

Ning's life changed two years ago when she dropped out of school, like the majority of the teenagers in her community during COVID-19. She is now married and teenage mom, but she is not alone: by joining World Vision's activities, she became a confident mother well supported by her husband.

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World Book Day - Laos
World Book Day

The Power of Reading: A brighter future for Kam in Laos

Kam’s voice resonates loudly and clearly in her classroom. Once a shy child, Kam has transformed into an outgoing girl with the love of her grandmother and the support of World Vision.

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World Water Day - Laos

Clean water brings life in all its fullness for children in rural Lao PDR

"Now I can have time to play with my friends and learn. I love it." says 9-year-old Adai. Discover how World Vision and the EDF Foundation supported his community to access clean water during COVID times.

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COVID-19 quarantine center volunteer - Laos

24h in the shoes of a Quarantine Centre volunteer

Uttama is one of the eight volunteers currently deployed by World Vision in the two Quarantine Centres supported by the World Food Programme. The 24-year-old man tells us what his daily life looks like since he decided to serve the vulnerable children and families stranded in their temporary shelter.

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International Women's Day - Laos
Women's Day

Improved gender equality means better nutrition for rural women and their children

In Lao PDR, rural communities from southern provinces are showing promising change towards a more equitable and harmonious relationship between husband and wife, with support of the European Union and World Vision.

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Covid-19 emergency response

World Vision's response to COVID-19

In Lao PDR and all over the world, discover how World Vision contributes to fighting against the global pandemic

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AHAN project
AHAN Project

Improving the nutrition of the most vulnerable children and their communities

Based in 3 southern provinces of Lao PDR, the Accelerating Healthy Agriculture and Nutrition (AHAN) project aims to enhance the nutrition of rural households through a sustainable and holistic approach including agriculture, health, WASH,  gender and multi-sector coordination components.

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World Vision started working in the country in 1968 through relief assistance provided to people displaced by the Indo-China War. The organization closed in 1975 and reopened in 1991, resuming development work that focuses on improving the lives of vulnerable children.

From 1999, with a New Vision and a development strategy, World Vision committed to its mission through its development vehicle called Area Development Programme. The first area development programme was in XiengNgen.

We believe Lao children represent hope for the nation’s future and World Vision works along with the Government and Communities, ensuring the wellbeing of children, especially the rural children, through a development approach focused on education, health, child protection, and economic growth/food security.

In 2013, we launched a three-year strategy focusing on supporting vulnerable children and their families. This new national strategy focused on contributing to the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDG). More than 200,000 Lao children have benefited from programmes or policy improvements as a result of our work.



7 million

Population, total


Capital City

17.1 billion

GDP (current US$)