This report showcases the impact of our work across the 2022 financial year. Our programs have provided support to children and families to improve their nutrition and health care; reduce violence and restore healthy relationships; and improve livelihoods and resilience, particularly during natural disasters.



Better Food Better Health project

Communities in Timor-Leste are learning about chicken and egg production as part of World Vision’s Better Food Better Health project. The project is helping families to grow, eat and sell nutritious ‘superfoods’ to improve child nutrition, and is supported by the Australian Government, through the Australian NGO Cooperation Program (ANCP).


Devia’s health improves with access to clean water

“Now I can bathe every day, drink boiled water, and wash my hands before eating or after going to the toilet,” 9-year-old Devia said.

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Terezinha takes the lead for child nutrition

Terezinha is an inspiring leader, mother and community health volunteer who is creating positive change in her community.

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Adelina represents people with a disability in her village’s Disaster Management Committee.

A voice for the vulnerable in disasters

Adelina is ready to represent people with a disability when her community prepares for, and responds to, natural disasters.

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Improved nutrition sets Astrya up for a brighter future

"I am thrilled she is now healthy. It’s a joy to see she has the energy to play with her friends."

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Couples cooking competition

Couples cooking competition

A key ingredient in nutrition promotion

Walking to school no longer a risk for Sara

Walking to school no longer a risk for Sara

Sara and her friends no longer have to worry about crossing the dangerous creek in the rainy season. “I am very happy because now we walk over the bridge,” she said. “If there is rain we will not be afraid anymore to walk to school. We will not miss out on class and not be late to class.”


#IWD2021​: Empowering Timorese Women in Leadership

This International Women's Day 2021, we celebrate women's achievements and take action for equality. In World Vision Timor Leste, women make up 55% of the management team. We continue to honour the Timorese women like Lidia, who demonstrate remarkable leadership and resiliency.

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1.2 million

Population, total


Capital City

1.6 billion

GDP (current US$)

World Vision Timor-Leste began its first project in Aileu municipality in 1995. In 1999, World Vision opened its national office in Dili. Today, we have three Area Programs implementing projects in four municipalities: Aileu, Baucau, Bobonaro and Covalima.

Our mission is ‘Healthy children for strong communities’. We recognise that children’s health is holistic in nature, including their physical, mental, intellectual and social wellbeing. We aim to empower Timorese children to transform their lives, in partnership with their families and communities.

Our four strategic areas are:

  • Ensure children enjoy good health, safe water and improved sanitation
  • Reduce violence against women and children
  • Enhance communities' resilience and livelihoods
  • Disaster Response
Alarico on the frontline of healthcare

Alarico on the frontline of healthcare


For many families in rural Timor-Leste, the closest health facility is a two hour walk away. When children get sick, parents often have to rely on the health volunteer that lives in their community.

Community health volunteers are on the frontline of healthcare in Timor-Leste. Alarico, a 36-year-old father of three from Covalima, is one of them.

It takes us all Timor-Leste
It takes a world

It Takes Us All

To End Violence Against Children in Timor-Leste

Seven out of ten children in Timor-Leste are affected by physical and sexual violence at home. We must act now to end violence against children.

Our Work

Health, Nutrition & Water

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Reducing Violence

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Livelihoods & Resilience

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Healthy children for strong communities

Healthy children for strong communities

Safeguarding Report

Take action if there are concerns about a child or World Vision staffAD

In all World Vision programmes we have mechanisms to enable communities, beneficiaries and staff to report potential cases of abuse. 

Learn more about our commitment to safeguard all participants in our work: www.wvi.org/safeguarding


If you have any concerns about abuse of children or other vulnerable groups in World Vision's operations or concern about World Vision staff, you can report confidentially via:

worldvision.ethicspoint.com or via wvtl.safeguarding@wvi.org