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Niger's International and National NGOs advocacy note - sanctions and humanitarian exemptions

On July 26, 2023, the National Council for the Safeguarding of the Fatherland (CNSP) announced that it had overthrown the current President Mohamed Bazoum and his government. The reaction of part of the international community resulted in a number of individual and collective sanctions: closure of land and air borders, suspension of development aid, suspension of financial and commercial transactions and freezing of the assets of the Republic of Niger and certain Nigeriens. 

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Niger: NGOs warn further instability and sanctions could exacerbate humanitarian needs of the most vulnerable including women and children

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World Vision Niger


Poverty, which affects a large majority of Nigeriens, has serious repercussions on children's access to healthy food, financial resources, health services and education.

The lack of access to healthy food is the main reason for the high level of malnutrition which affects children in both rural and urban areas of Niger. Inadequate diets lead to underweight children and major development problems. Many children in Niger suffer from micro-nutritional deficiencies and disorders due to a lack of iodine.

At World Vision, we used a community-based approach to address the root causes of issues affecting children. Key sectors of our work include Child Protection, WASH, education, and nutrition. Gender, advocacy, faith and development are cross-cutting elements in all our work. 

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