Solving the water challenge in Tanzania: Our commitment to the most vulnerable

Solving the water challenge: Our commitment to the most vulnerable

Inadequate or limited access to clean and safe water remains a challenge for many children and families Tanzania.

World Vision is working to respond to this challenge by implementing a range of interventions designed to increase access to safe water, educate communities in the effective management of water resources, and ensure that adults and children understand and follow good personal hygiene practices.

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Collaborating to build healthy and resilient communities across Tanzania

Collaborating to build healthy and resilient communities

In rural areas across Tanzania, it is common for pregnant women and girls to skip visiting health facilities when they are pregnant. For them, this is not a big deal. Sadly, this has escalated maternal and newborn deaths from across villages countrywide.

However, Dodoma region tells a different story. Here, the majority of pregnant women in rural areas are now attending usual clinics, reducing to a greater extent the rate of maternal and newborn deaths, thanks to an ambitious project by World Vision.



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Tanzania has experienced significant economic growth over the last decade. Although the poverty rate in the country has declined, the absolute number of poor has not because of the high population growth rate. As a result, children still face many challenges including violence, malnutrition, poor healthcare and education and other basic services.

We are dedicated to working with children, families and communities to overcome poverty and injustice. From our start in Tanzania in 1981, we have grown to be one of the largest humanitarian and development organisations in the country, working in 14 out of 33 regions across 41 districts.

We seek to contribute to the measurable improvement in the sustained well-being of 15 million girls and boys – especially the most vulnerable.

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