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“My sponsor, Max, helps me go to school.”

– Being a sponsored child means five-year-old Chansa's family has extra money to grow crops like maize now that Chansa's sponsor helps to pay for his school books and uniform.

“My sponsor has a giving heart. Our goats will help pay for me to go to school.”

– Mike, age 13, holding his favourite goat, Winter, gifted to his family through his local child sponsorship program.

“Nothing is impossible. I will fly my own airplane one day.”

– With the help of child sponsorship, Christian Dave, age 11, can't wait to finish school in the Philippines to pursue his dream of becoming a pilot.

What is World Vision Child Sponsorship?

World Vision Child Sponsorship unites sponsors and children, with their families and communities, in a shared commitment to improve the lives and futures of the world’s most vulnerable children.

At World Vision, sponsors’ donations are pooled and invested in long-term development programmes in the sponsored children’s communities to overcome the issues children face in the area and to transform the whole community into a better place for children to grow up. World Vision sponsors not only help their sponsored child but also other children by changing the world they live in – their community.

Depending on local needs, sponsors help provide safer drinking water, more nourishing food and a healthier life for children. They help keep children safe and protected and help them feel loved and valued. And they help children go to school and learn essential life skills, and actively participate in shaping their future and influencing those around them.

Each World Vision child sponsor is directly connected with one vulnerable child in the community. The sponsor can personally interact with the sponsored child and help grow hope, happiness and confidence in their life through emails, photos, letters, and even personal visits. Through regular updates, the sponsor will witness how children’s lives are improving in the community.

How does World Vision Child Sponsorship work?

Child sponsors enable World Vision’s long-term partnerships with communities and fuel our unique approach, proven to deliver lasting impact for children by addressing the root causes of their vulnerability - poverty and injustice.

Motivated by our Christian faith and fuelled by the ongoing support of our sponsors, World Vision works with communities locally and globally to improve the lives and futures of vulnerable children.

We partner with people and organisations at every level of a child’s world – family, community, nation, globe – to change it from the outside in. And we empower children themselves to change their own world from the inside out.

Together we not only treat the symptoms but also tackle the root causes of children’s vulnerability – poverty and injustice – and overcome the barriers that prevent children from reaching their God-given potential.

Because we change the world in which sponsored children live, we simultaneously transform the whole community to become a dramatically better place for children to grow up in. Along with how we empower children themselves to be active participants in this change, our approach is unique. And it is proven to deliver lasting impact for vulnerable children in the communities, whether sponsored or not.

Why sponsor a child through World Vision?

As a sponsor, you will give your sponsored child and their friends a fuller life and future – and can experience the joy and excitement of it yourself.

As a World Vision child sponsor:

  • You help your sponsored child live a full and happy life and fulfil their God-given potential
  • You understand the needs for children and the plans you enable us to carry out with the community to overcome them
  • You gain a window into your sponsored child’s world and can witness the transformation
  • For every child you sponsor, you provide direct benefits for four other children in the same community
  • You come to realise that you are making an identifiable and lasting impact for children
  • You receive regular updates through photos, letters, stories, facts, and in short videos
  • You can connect with your sponsored child in many ways, online and offline
  • You can travel to visit your sponsored child and see the progress in person
  • You can share your experiences with your family, friends, colleagues and social networks
  • If you wish, you can engage in many other ways with World Vision to help children

When you sponsor a child, your life may be transformed for good.

What does my sponsorship mean to my sponsored child?

For your sponsored child, being sponsored by you through World Vision can be one of the most important, exciting and enjoyable things in their life.

As your World Vision sponsored child:

  • their life improves through the community-based development programme, helping them enjoy a full and happy life.
  • they are cared for and protected, enabling them to feel safer and happier.
  • their status and progress in the areas of health, education, spiritual nurture, child protection and participation are monitored regularly and appropriate action taken, if needed.
  • together with their families, they participate in programme activities, learning events or community celebrations, and can join in children’s clubs and networks that equip them for the future.
  • they are encouraged and empowered to participate in decisions that affect their lives and to act as agents of change to influence their communities.
  • as storytellers and advocates, they contribute to other children’s development and empowerment.
  • interaction with you helps them learn to express themselves and offers them an opportunity to develop their technical, inter-cultural and information skills.
  • they enjoys possible connections with you, increasing their hope, happiness and confidence.
  • they have opportunities to explore and pursue their spiritual development in a safe and nurturing environment that respects their rights and cultural background.
  • if a disaster strikes, they and their peers with their families and community are more resilient and better prepared to respond.

When you sponsor a child, you will help transform their life and world for good.

How are children chosen for sponsorship?

The selection of children for sponsorship is a respectful and voluntary process that happens in partnership with their families and the community.

We work with community representatives to identify the local areas where children’s needs are greatest and the community then chooses children from those areas for sponsorship. Sponsored children are chosen from the most vulnerable families and being sponsored often gives them increased visibility and importance in the community.

Participation in all World Vision programmes is voluntary, and sponsored children and their families choose to be a part of the program. We always respect the rights of families to make decisions about this.

Your sponsored child, along with other children in their community, benefits from the changes made possible by your donations.

Will my sponsorship contributions go directly to one child?

Sponsored children do not receive direct cash benefits. Better yet, we pool monthly sponsorship donations with those from other sponsors who support children in the same area, leveraging them for maximum effectiveness based on the needs of children in the community. Enabled by sponsors’ generous donations, our local staff works with the community to build a vibrant, sustainable future for children – allowing them to thrive even once we’ve moved on to help other communities.

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Note: You will be redirected to your country's support office to complete the sponsorship process.

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Child Sponsorship Stats

  • 3.2 million
    Child Sponsorship

    In 2017, World Vision donors sponsored 3.2 million children in 56 countries.

  • Community
    Whole communities benefit from sponsorship

    For every child sponsored, another four children in the community benefit.

  • Global scale
    The world's largest sponsorship program

    Nearly half of the world’s sponsored children are sponsored through World Vision.

Facts and figures as of Sept 30, 2017

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