Isabel Gomes Headshot

Isabel Gomes

Global Lead for Disaster Management

"After responding to crises in 18 countries over 25 years, I am more passionate than ever about alleviating suffering when disasters strike."

Isabel Gomes oversees the organisation’s humanitarian responses, with a focus on decreasing the vulnerability of millions of children before, during and after disasters.

Currently based in Geneva, Switzerland, Isabel’s experience spans 25 years in the humanitarian sector, with recent experience in global donor engagement, resource development, strategy, operations and policy.

After beginning her career working with demobilised soldiers in Angola, Isabel worked in a variety of roles responding to humanitarian crises across 15 countries and some of the world’s most difficult and challenging contexts, including East Timor, Liberia, Sudan, Pakistan, Indonesia and Mozambique.

Isabel has a degree in International Relations and a Master’s Degree in International and Community Development. She speaks Portuguese, English, Spanish and French.