Against all odds, Setsabile was one of the top student in the country

Excelling to academic success against all odds - Setsabile's story

From waking up in the wee hours of the morning, at 2am, in order to walk the long distance to fetch water for a bath before school, to becoming one of the country's top students in the EGCSE Examination of 2021/22, one can only imagine the determination of this young girl. This is the story of 18-year-old Setsabile.

She becomes quite emotional as she recalls how, as a little girl in primary school at the time, she would be so terrified of the dark. She feared all forms of danger, including being violated in some way, as she walked with others to fetch water for her morning bath. ­

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“Vegetable garden a door to exit poverty for me and my children"

“Vegetable garden a door to exit poverty for me and my children"

Having been going at their vegetable farming project for seven years, members of Mpalane Garden Association were beginning to lose hope when there was little income to show for their efforts.

Whatever they planted often got destroyed by livestock coming into the garden and eating anything that was beginning to sprout.

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Gift of one goat feeding family 10 years later
Child sponsorship

Gift of one goat feeding family 10 years later

Back in 2012, no one could have imagined that a small gift of a goat to a 12-year-old girl would one day feed a whole family and help send several children to school.

Phindile is one example of children and families that use what they are given profitably to ensure a positive change in their lives. The former sponsored child says she wishes to continuously grow her business and ensure that she and her family do not lack.

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Sponsored Sethu wins bronze in national letter-writing competition

Fifteen-year-old Sethu has suddenly become a community hero after beating more than 1,000 children to scoop third position in Eswatini’s national letter-writing competition for 2021.

Sethu is a sponsored child from World Vision’s Shewula Area Programme, situated about 144km from the capital city, Mbabane. She beat other learners from both rural and urban schools in the 13-18-year-olds’ Siswati category.

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World Vision's response to schools closure in Eswatini

World Vision's response to schools closure in Eswatini

World Vision regrets reports of the closure of schools in Eswatini, and encourages all parties in the current situation to work in a way that allows children to continue their education, in peace and security.  The most vulnerable children in Eswatini deserve their chance to prepare for the future with a good education.

We remain committed to responding to the needs of children and communities, providing our assistance where children are most in need.

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World Vision donates 57 million Emalangeni* worth of rice, with support from from Taiwan Government
Collaborating for broader impact

Rice donation to help alleviate hunger amongst the country’s most vulnerable

True to its humanitarian mandate, World Vision Taiwan, through World Vision Eswatini, has donated 3,000 metric tonnes of rice to Eswatini to help alleviate hunger amongst the country’s most vulnerable. The donation is in addition to 400 metric tonnes of rice donated by the Government of Taiwan. The total of 3,400 metric tonnes of rice will see more than 200,000 people benefitting in 59 tinkhundla (constituencies) across the country.

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Eswatini justice for children workshop

World Vision holds prosecutors' training targeting improved justice for children

Reports of violence, particularly sexual violence against children, continue to hog the news in Eswatini, despite the introduction of the Sexual Offences and Domestic Violence (SODV) Act two years ago. World Vision is keen to see children protected and, those who experience any forms of violence, receive justice. The organisation recently hosted a workshop for prosecutors and police officers in Eswatini to learn and discuss how the country can improve justice delivery for children.

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World Vision Eswatini (WVE) started operating in 1992, focusing mainly on emergency relief after the devastating drought that hit Eswatini. In 1996 the focus shifted from relief to disaster mitigation, rehabilitation, and transformational development.

Initially, WVE used the community development project (CDP) approach and later changed to the Area Development Programme (ADP) approach to ensure greater impact and sustainability of community based development interventions. Through the ADPs in recent years, WVS interventions have addressed problems on food insecurity (mainly through agriculture), water shortages, education, HIV and AIDS, health, infrastructure development, and economic development, in the process changing lives of the poor.

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It Takes Eswatini

to End Sexual Violence

World Vision in Eswatini launched the It Takes Eswatini to End Sexual Violence campaign early 2018. The Deputy Prime Minister officially launched the campaign.

In an effort to popularize the campaign, World Vision engaged local artists, pastors and bikers as campaign ambassadors.

The campaign calls people to report sexual abuse for action.

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