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World Vision's Global Health, Nutrition and HIV Community of Practice is a group of people, who share a common interest - Healthy Children For A Healthy World!  The World Vision Global Health CoP Began in 2008 and has over 2500 members from across the globe.  

Join us!  Learn with us!  As a member of the World Vision Global Health, Nutrition and HIV Community of Practice, you will have access to new resources and tools from World Vision's health programming, webinar invitations to speak with Champions for Child Health across the globe, and an avenue to share what YOU are doing in the field of Global Health.

This Month's CoP Discussions:

Mother-Led MUAC Screening - World Vision Niger

The Interest Group for Nutrition is hosting two webinars on April 4 (in English and French) on mother-led MUAC screening, with speakers from both WV and Alliance for International Medical Action (ALIMA), who researched and developed this innovative approach and implemented in Niger. Evidence from Niger has shown that caregivers are able successfully to measure MUAC and are not inferior to community health workers (CHW), with children being admitted to care earlier and requiring fewer hospitalisations. Additionally, this approach has been shown to cost less to implement than the traditional CHW-led approach. CHWs are the ones who train the mothers and do monitoring, so their roles change, but are not eliminated with this approach. In 2016, WV piloted the approach in Mauritania, in an emergency nutrition and WASH project; the first time it’s been used by any organization in Mauritania.

Here are the links:




And a more general article about the approach, with resources: - currently all the resources are from ALIMA, but WV has developed a toolbox of resources which I’ll upload prior to the webinar (they’re being translated).

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