Than Win Story 2

Hope restored and life gets better

"Without leaving out the poor and needy like us, Meikswe Myanmar and World Vision have helped us with the right support. It is a fact that we can get out of poverty if we can utilise that support effectively," says Than.

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Childhood Lost

Press Release: COVID-19 inflicts fear and thoughts of not wanting to live in vulnerable children

The impact of COVID-19 on children's mental health is so severe that one in seven surveyed feels so afraid that nothing calms them down, while one in 18 said they feel so hopeless that they do not want to carry on living, a new report by World Vision has found. "Children and youth are currently suffering from emotional distress because of school closures and lack of physical activities. We want parents and caregivers to understand our feelings and difficulties, and provide emotional and spiritual support," said 17-year-old Blessing, a child leader from Myanmar.

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children amidst COVID-19 and political crisis in Myanmar

Surge in Covid-19 plunges Myanmar into humanitarian catastrophe amidst political crisis and conflict

Six months since the military’s seizure of power, aid agencies are warning of a spiralling humanitarian catastrophe in Myanmar triggered by skyrocketing Covid-19 cases and widespread violence in the country. Over 60 per cent of reported deaths from Covid-19 in Myanmar have occurred in the past month alone, with the number of confirmed cases doubling in the last two months.

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Providing TB medicines to TB patient
World Vision calls for an end to the suspension of registered local and international NGOs in Tanintharyi.

Urgent humanitarian support for Tanintharyi children now

On June 1, 2021, an order was issued by the Tanintharyi Regional Administration Council which called for the suspension of unregistered NGOs operating in the region. The order also impacted many registered NGOs, including World Vision Myanmar, which were asked to suspend operations there as well.

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Three months and no way out
World Vision Calls for an End to Fear and Uncertainty for Myanmar’s Children

Three Months In and No Way Out

News about Myanmar has dominated global media reports over the past three months. The protracted instability in the country, set within the context of COVID-19 of which little has been reported by comparison, has fractured social progress and exacerbated vulnerabilities within communities, especially among children. World Vision is deeply concerned about the effects of local unrest and the global pandemic on Myanmar’s children, whose well-being and future is in jeopardy.

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myanmar statement

World Vision calls for an immediate end to violence against children in Myanmar

World Vision is deeply concerned for the safety and well-being of children. The violence which they face is unacceptable. World Vision is present in the communities we serve, and will continue to stand with children to ensure that they receive the best possible level of support, within a limited INGO operating context.

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Background Photo

World Vision urges humanitarian ceasefire as child and civilian deaths escalate in Myanmar

Wednesday, MARCH 10, 2021

World Vision is deeply concerned for the safety and well-being of children and civilians in Myanmar, following the escalation in violence which has since claimed the lives of children. We call for peace and the stability needed for continued humanitarian access and protection of the vulnerable, especially children.

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Fundraising event - Myanmar

World Vision launches fundraising event to help more street children in Myanmar

World Vision Myanmar, with the support of TODAY Ogilvy, launched the first-ever local fundraising event on the 4th of December, 2019, in Yangon, the business city of Myanmar. This fundraising event deepened World Vision’s commitment to the most vulnerable children by focusing on helping those who live on the streets.

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New hope for Jara and her sons

Jara’s family used to live peacefully in a village of Kachin State, Nothern Myanmar until the armed conflict near her village area. It was a night that Jarar and the villagers will never forget. Everyone, both men, women, and children, ran into the dark woods behind the village to escape from the gunfights. Children were screaming because of the sound of guns shooting.

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From a sponsored child to a development worker

From a sponsored child to a development worker

Nang used to be a World Vision sponsored child. With the help of the sponsorship programme, she’s now living her dream as a community development worker. “If I had not become a sponsored child, I would have had to leave school and married at an early age like others. I would like to tell the sponsors and donors that they might think this is a small contribution, but it does bring a change to a child’s life and the community,” says Nang.


Success of home gardening

Inside a little garden filled with seasonal crops and vegetables, U Maung Pe, 45 years old and the father of two children, works as a small-scale farmer. After attending a gardening training organized by World Vision, there’s been a significant increase in his yield.  

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World Vision Myanmar is a Christian relief, development, and advocacy organization. Inspired by Christian values, we are dedicated to working with and for the most vulnerable children, families, and communities regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, and gender.

For three decades, World Vision Myanmar has been partnering with central and local governments, local partners, communities, and different stakeholders. Commenced with Heath intervention in 1993, World Vision Myanmar has expanded its programmes to various sectors including education, child protection, health and nutrition, livelihood and resilience, disaster response, and disaster risk reduction. We aspire to a world where every child receives a quality education, has access to essential healthcare, lives free from violence and thrives as their family’s livelihood is secured.

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ITAW workshop for children
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It Takes Myanmar

to end physical violence against children at home and in school

World Vision Myanmar joined the global movement It Takes a World to End Violence against Children campaign. The goal is to end corporal punishment and physical violence against children at home and in school.

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Support Children in Myanmar and Across the World