Central Mali Emergency Response

Providing Life Saving Assistance to the People of Central Mali

World Vision continues to provide the support the most vulnerable in the most hard to reach places in Central and Northern Mali, as violence and insecurity have crippled life in the region.

5.9 million people need humanitarian assistance

Central Mali Emergency

Inter-ethnic conflict and attacks on local authorities and institutional structures have gradually eroded the security situation in Central Mali since 2012 forcing an ever-increasing number of families to flee their homes and making it more difficult for humanitarian organizations, like World Vision, to help those who are affected. For example, As of November 2019, the Population Movement Commission reported that there were 201,429 internally displaced people (IDPs) in Mali.

As a result of the situation, nearly millions are in need of humanitarian assistance, hundreds of schools have been closed and more than hundreds of thousands of children require emergency education support

Sadly, the situation is deteriorating and the impact of the conflict has spread across the borders to Burkina Faso, Niger and Mauritania as well.

The Situation in Mali


children require emergency education support


people who require protection assistance

2.16 Million

children in need of humanitarian assistance

"These will go a long way to get us back on our feet as so many of us lost everything in the attacks. We want to thank World Vision and all the other partners who have been supporting us through this horrible time.”
Ogossagou, 26