Our Work

World Vision Chad has a presence in five regions. They are: Mandoul, Logone Oriental, Logone Occidental, Tandjile, Lake, Mayo Kebbi East and Mayo Kebbi West.We have 10 Area Development Programmes (ADPs). These are: Garden, Kemkian, Koumra, Pende; Sategui, Bekodo Triangle, Beti, Ba illi, Tedjile River, and Mballa. It also has a Gifts-in-Kind (GiK) Programme.

Our current (FY18) budget is: USD 10,490,527.


By 2021, World Vision TChad’s goal is to ensure that 800,000 of the most vulnerable children (boys and girls) in its intervention areas experience life in all its fullness.  Currently (2018), World Vision TChad has 27,400 Registered Children (RCs), who are supported by the organization.


World Vision Chad strives to place a smile on each child’s face

Strategic Objectives

  1. No child in the World Vision Chad intervention areas suffers from malnutrition and health problems.
  2. All children (boys and girls) are educated for life, participate and are protected.
  3. All children live in resilient and secure households


A young boy stands next to a World Vision Chad supported school for the girl-child, within Moundou region


Sectors of interventions

  • Integrated Health; Nutrition; Water, Sanitation & Hygiene (WASH); and, Livelihood and Education
  • Child Protection, including the ‘It Takes A World To End Violence Against Children’ campaign


World Vision Chad strives to place a smile on each child’s face