Ivan Satyavrata portrait

Dr Ivan Satyavrata

WVI Board Chair

Dr Ivan Satyavrata (India) has been a member of the WV India Board since August 2010 and was elected as board Chair in August 2015. He previously served as Chair of the Board Nomination and Development Committee. Currently, he is the Senior Pastor and Chairman of the Assembly of God Church and Mission, Kolkata. He is actively involved in development ministries and is presently the Chairman of the Bombay Teen Challenge, a Christian NGO involved in rehabilitation of children living on the streets. He holds a Bachelor of Divinity (India), a Masters of Theology (Canada), and a Doctor of Philosophy from the Oxford Centre for Mission Studies. Dr Satyavrata has a lot of experience with public speaking and preaching, mostly in Asia but also in Europe and Canada. He is married to Elizabeth, and they have two children.