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Celebrating a quarter century serving children, youth, families, and communities

World Vision has been working in Albania for 24 years, bringing positive impact on the lives of the most vulnerable.

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Girs need our support

Girls need our support

A short movie masterfully prepared, interpreted and produced by young people of IMPACT Clubs in Tirana, seek to raise a voice for all girls and women who find themselves in the trap of gender stereotypes. Education of girls, as their fundamental right, is one of the proposed solutions shared from young people.

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Empowered women, empowered children

Mixed Method design to examine the relationship between Women’s empowerment and the well-being of children in structured families in Albania.

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World Vision started working in Albania in 1999, in response to the Kosovo refugee crisis. For more than two decades, our work has been focused on transformational development and long-standing support of vulnerable children, youth and families. Children’s wellbeing is at the heart of World Vision’s work in Albania, spread across three key sectors, in protection and social inclusion, youth activism and building secure livelihoods via economic development opportunities for vulnerable families.

During 2022, we have impacted the lives of over 69,610 people, among whom 49,738 children, in 123 communities in Albania. Disaster management is also a key element of our ministry in Albania as well; as World Vision we are committed to protecting the vulnerable during and after an emergency. In 2020, the country found itself in the middle of two consecutive emergencies: the aftermath of the 6.4 magnitude earthquake of November 26, 2019 and the pandemic of Covid-19. World Vision responded in a multisectorial approach to the devastating loss of Albanian families by reaching approximately 68,373 beneficiaries in 24 municipalities across the country.

​​​​World Vision is recognized in communities as their mobilizer and liaison with institutions and organizations on issues that affect children's lives. Together we have supported families, informed, raised awareness and advocated for the most vulnerable children. 

World Vision works on behalf of the most vulnerable children and communities in Albania responding to their needs. Every child has the right to grow with dignity and prosperity, in order to develop his full potential! The foundation of our work is the reconciliation of the broken relationships, unity and strengthening of partnerships.

2.9 million

Population, total


Capital City

13 billion

GDP (current US$)
It takes a world to end violence against children Albania

It takes a world


In Albania, 70% of children report to have experienced at least one type of violence in the last year. 80% of parents affirm to have used physical punishment to discipline their children. World Vision believes that violence against children is a disruption of life we desire for every child. “All together to end violence against children” this was the message from senior government representatives, institutions and organizations at the launch of the campaign “It Takes A World to End Violence Against Children” by World Vision, at the end of September 2018.

Luiza Gega: It Takes a World to End Violence Against Children


Our Work

See the ways we are making positive changes in children’s lives in  Albania.


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Child Protection

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Albania Disability Text

Hello Life

The first national study on the prevalence of disability showed there are 70,000 disabled children in Albania. Only 8% of them receive basic services. World Vision has launched the social program “Tungjatjeta”/ “Hello Life”, where a mobile team of experts offers visits and services for children with disabilities, in the most remote areas of the country, in their homes.

“Tungjatjeta”/ “Hello Life” is a social program that aims to socially integrate children with disabilities in remote areas of Albania.