Connecting the Dots
Joining forces for enhanced child rights in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Connecting the Dots

We work on 3 key system-level issues in B&H: coordination, accountability, and lack of children’s voices in decision-making platforms.

Young volunteers
Putting their fear aside, these young volunteers did what they thought best: they put their skills and time at the disposal of the needy, proving that they were mature enough to act reasonably in a time of crisis.

Young Volunteers are Hidden Heroes of BiH Communities

Hajira with children
In the province where they lived, women are not allowed to leave their house alone. They must be accompanied by their husbands or someone else from the family. Being educated and having a job, Hajira defied the cultural norms of the province Tahar.

COVID-19 brings to a halt Hajira's search for freedom

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Esmina Lokvančić sa kćerkom
Bračni par Lokvančić dio prostorija u kući koristi za bavljenje zanatima; otac Damir bavi se izradom predmeta od kože, uglavnom muških torbica, dok se majka Esmina bavi kaligrafijom na staklu. Žive od prodaje proizvoda koje izrađuju u kućnoj radinosti.

Heroine zajednice, Esmina Lokvančić: „Trudim se da moja djeca budu ljudi koji će pomagati drugima, a ne misliti samo na sebe“

Pročitajte više
Prijavi incident iz oblasti zaštite djece ili odraslih korisnika

Zaštita djece

WV uredi su dužni istražiti i odgovoriti na prijave zloupotrebe djece u WV programskim područjima na način koji je u skladu sa lokalnim zakonom. WV uredi takođe moraju istražiti i odgovoriti na prijave navoda ili incidenata vezanih za zaštitu djece ili odraslih osoba počinjenih od strane WV osoblja ili saradnika. Kako bi prijavili incident potrebno je ispunjen Obrazac za prijavu poslati na adresu

Obrazac za prijavu

Bosnia and Herzegovina

25 years post war, Bosnia and Herzegovina’s development has been hampered by political complexity and the lack of a common vision amongst its political representatives.

According to the Labor Force Survey, the unemployment rate has decreased to 18 per cent in 2018. However, the country is still facing challenges – our economy is among the least competitive in the region and every fifth person lives below the poverty line (World Bank, 2018).  

Based on the Child Poverty and Deprivation in BiH Report (UNICEF 2015), most children face some form of basic deprivation.

These circumstances call World Vision to respond.

For those 25 years, World Vision BiH has been reconstructing war torn communities, rebuilding homes and schools, and strengthening communities to better provide for their children.

3.4 million

Population, total


Capital City

18.3 billion

GDP (current US$)
Amplifying children’s voices

Amplifying children’s voices

WV BiH develops safe, caring, and stimulating environments for all children. Dedicated to ending injustice and inequality, together with like-minded partners, we advocate for improved protections of the rights of children and the public services they need to grow and prosper.

Starting in the field, we bring children’s voices to national attention.

invisible no more

Invisible No More

Children in BiH call for attention

World Vision Bosnia and Herzegovina works to end violence against children. As part of this mission, within World Vision Global’s “It Takes a World to End Violence Against Children Campaign”, WV BiH organised our Vrijedni paznje (Invisible No More) campaign.

Created in close collaboration with children and youth from across the country, the Invisible No More campaign amplifies authentic voices and a clear message from children who emphasise their right to a healthy, happy life. These boys and girls want to be a part of the solution eliminating violence in their families, schools, and communities, focusing initially (but not exclusively) on the problem of child neglect.

Enhancing inclusiveness in schools and developing life skills.

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