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World Vision Zimbabwe Celebrates 50th Anniversary

World Vision Zimbabwe is celebrating 50 years of changing lives together with our children, their families, their communities, our colleagues, donors, partners and the local entities that have kept our work going in the last five decades! Together with our partners, supporters, stakeholders, families and communities, we have positively impacted the lives of more than 2.5 million vulnerable children in Zimbabwe.

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Tongwe-Golowa WVZ ND2

World Vision Zimbabwe hands over the Tongwe Waiting Mothers Shelter in Beitbridge District

World Vision Zimbabwe handed over a state-of-the-art Tongwe Waiting Mothers Shelter to Beitbridge Rural District Council as a way of encouraging pregnant mothers to deliver at a health facility. Tongwe Waiting Mothers Shelter where expectant women can stay during their last six weeks of pregnancy is very critical in saving lives. The three-block structure has a kitchen, ablution facilities, and eight bedrooms which have a carrying capacity of 16 people.

Sign your commitment to end child marriage

End Child Marriage Now

Child marriage is a devastating form of violence against children, and it’s rising.  The year 2020 saw the greatest surge in child marriage rates in 25 years. We are speaking out about child marriage. Please join us in calling for a ban on child marriage. Please join us in this 10-day journey from 13 to 22 July, 2022 as we raise awareness on the realities of child marriage by signing a commitment to end child marriage. Don’t wait for another day to take action!

Ending stigma around menstruation through WASH UP! Girl Talk
Breaking negative social norms

Ending stigma around menstruation through WASH UP! Girl Talk

The WASH UP! Girl Talk project has empowered primary school girls and boys between 10-14 years with knowledge on puberty, menstruation, menstrual hygiene management while dispelling common myths about puberty and menstruation.

The project has also helped various groups such as boys, girls, men, women, traditional leaders and churches to dispel common myths and misconceptions about puberty and menstruation.

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Break the Bias for Adolescent Mothers’ Right to Education
International Women's Day

Break the bias for adolescent mothers’ right to education

With schools re-opening around the world, the effects of pregnancy-related school dropout is yet to be fully calculated. Young mothers are often incredibly resilient, yet so much is placed upon them to overcome.

Angel, an 18-year-old mother attending school in Zimbabwe says '–we as girls need to fight for our future by going to school and supporting each other’, which shows determination but also illustrates the way girls are expected to soldier on their own.

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IGATE helps learners return after COVID-19

Supporting schoolchildren during COVID-19 lockdowns

To ensure a successful transition back to school after COVID-19, our Improving Gender Attitudes, Transition and Education Outcome (IGATE) project conducted Community Learning Circles (CLCs) in various areas. Through CLCs, learners experienced significant positive improvements in literacy and numeracy skills.

Our CLCs reached more than 15,000 learners and promoted resilience and positive coping mechanisms among participants during the lockdown.

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WVZ Annual Impact Report 2021
Our impact in Zimbabwe

Read our 2021 Annual Report

As we faced numerous challenges within our operating context throughout 2021, including the continued impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, we sought to be more agile and adaptive as an organisation so that we could continue to do the work we have been called to do. We are grateful to our partners and stakeholders who enabled us to achieve more for children than we could ever do on our own.

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New leadership in Zimbabwe

Assan Golowa appointed as new Country Director

Mr. Assan Golowa has been appointed as World Vision's new Country Director for Zimbabwe with effect from 1st October 2021.

Assan is a Malawian national with over 20 years of local and international experience in the development sector. He is returning to World Vision after a seven-year break. 


Redefining child sponsorship through Chosen™

Poverty deprives vulnerable children of something as simple as ‘choice.’ With the launch of World Vision's Chosen™ initiative in Zimbabwe in December 2020, World Vision is helping to give the power of ‘choice’ back to the children by allowing them to choose their sponsors, as opposed to sponsors choosing them.



World Vision began operating in Zimbabwe in 1973, primarily providing assistance to children’s homes and offering relief to Zimbabweans in camps and institutions.

After independence in 1980, our focus changed to rehabilitation and small-scale development programmes as the country absorbed exiled and previously displaced groups.

Over the years World Vision has transitioned to large-scale community development programmes designed to address community needs, with a specific focus on children, using participatory planning approaches and ensuring sustainability.

Today, World Vision is the largest humanitarian organisation in Zimbabwe, operating relief and development projects across the country benefitting more than 2 million people each year.

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to end sexual violence

Ending violence against children requires all of us. See how we are working to end sexual violence in Zimbabwe.

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