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Annual Report

Discover our impact in 2022

World Vision International Rwanda is delighted to present to you our 2022 Annual Report. This report highlights a summary of our achievements and impact from October 1, 2021 to September 30, 2022. In 2022, we achieved great results through collective effort, which transformed the lives of children through improved livelihoods, WASH, Child Protection and Education, among many others. We could not have achieved these milestones and many more without your generous support and partnership. Together, we believe we will achieve so much more, for the benefit of the vulnerable children, their families and communities.

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Earth Day - Beatrice from Rwanda
Investing in our planet

Women at the forefront of environmental conservation in Rwanda

In many villages, land restoration and environmental preservation practices are commonly reserved for men. However, this has not stopped 38-year-old Beatrice, a mother of three children, from championing green practices and supporting farmers to adopt them for the past four years.

As we mark this year's International Mother Earth Day on 22 April, Beatrice urges women to get involved in land restoration practices because their efforts are needed and they are equally capable.

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Merab (not real name) - Rwanda

Partnering with and training communities to end child exploitation

Thanks to their community's awareness of the Citizen Voice and Action (CVA) approach, Gilbert and Merab* have been saved from child labour and supported to return to school. CVA is a local-level advocacy and social accountability approach that facilitates dialogue between communities and government to improve services (like health care and education) that impact the daily lives of children and their families

*not their real names

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Clean water improves lives and education in Clarisse's community

Clean water improves lives and education in Clarisse's community

Access to water has a huge impact on children’s well-being –particularly on their education. This is because in many families in rural areas, children wake up early in the morning to collect water before they go to school so that their parents have water to use throughout the day.

The reason 11-year-old Clarisse can afford to attend class on time today, is that clean water that is 300 metres from her house. Initially, she used to take a two hour round trip to the water source.

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Meet Delphine, the 16-year-old entrepreneur with an inalienable dream

Thanks to World Vision, every 60 seconds a family receives the tools to overcome poverty. Delphine's family is proof.

The 16-year-old has been empowered to become an entrepreneur as a result of her mother’s participation in a pineapple growing cooperative supported and nurtured by World Vision.

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Rose, a young adult on the front line of COVID-19 prevention

Celebrating the hidden heroes helping to tackle COVID-19

Behind every aspect of World Vision's work throughout the last 70 years, Hidden Heroes –ordinary people making extraordinary impact– have risen up in every season. Among them is Rose; a young adult formerly registered under World Vision's child sponsorship programme who is now a youth volunteer on the front line of COVID-19 prevention in Rwanda.

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We have been working in Rwanda since 1994. For the first six years, the key focus of our interventions was relief and rehabilitation for the close to 3 million people that were displaced because of the genocide. In the year 2000, we began long-term, child-focused area development programmes in different parts of the country, targeting vulnerable children and their families with interventions in the areas of education and child sponsorship; health and nutrition; water, sanitation and hygiene; and the economic empowerment of households.

Our more than 300 staff in Rwanda currently work in 23 out of 30 Districts, supporting more than 1.5 million people –especially children–through 26 area development programmes.

12.6 million

Population, total


Capital City

10.1 billion

GDP (current US$)

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See how our programmes are improving the well-being of children, their families and their communities across Rwanda.


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Working Together

To Protect Children in Rwanda

More than 250,000 children continue to be victims of child labour and sexual abuse in Rwanda. Join us as we work to change this situation.


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