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Changing the world for children

Driven by a desire to serve God and make a lasting impact in the world, World Vision is a leading global partner in transforming the lives of vulnerable children, within their families and communities, so they can become all Jesus created them to be.

For more than 70 years, World Vision has been part of a global community dedicated to changing the lives of children, through relief, development and advocacy approaches in contexts where the most vulnerable children struggle to survive. We partner with churches, faith communities, governments, businesses, community-based organisations and other non-governmental organisations to allow this work to happen.

The principles of transformational development guide all World Vision’s work – including relief, development and advocacy activities. 

Our Approach to Change: Relief


In the aftermath of natural disasters and conflicts, World Vision’s global emergency response capacity means we can deliver life-saving aid immediately and then walk alongside children, families, and communities to help them recover and rebuild.

Before disaster strikes, we work with children, their communities and leaders to help them better understand how to reduce their vulnerability, to be better prepared, know their rights and what to do when an emergency hits.

When disaster strikes, we respond. With the support of international disaster experts, pre-positioned relief supplies and an unparalleled local presence, we meet the real and immediate needs of children and their families.

After a disaster, we stay. Shifting our focus to recovery, we help children and their families rebuild their lives.

Our Approach to Change: Development


World Vision’s unique, integrated model of development is the foundation on which our work is built. Above all, this model of transformational development is child focused. It reflects our Christian faith and calling and it empowers communities, families, and children themselves to improve and sustain child well-being.​

One size does not fit all. In World Vision, we adapt our work to fit local contexts and continually refine and learn to ensure the greatest possible impact for children.

Poverty is complex and multi-faceted, with personal, social, political, physical and spiritual root causes. It is only possible to overcome these and achieve sustained well-being of children if we address broken relationships, between individuals, within families and between states and their citizens.

Our transformational development approach focuses on working alongside families and with local, national and global partners, helping children take an active role with their families, to realise fullness of life – in body, mind and spirit.

Our Approach to Change: Advocacy


We help change the way the world works for children and create lasting impact that will live on in generations to come.

Our advocacy at local, national, regional and international levels is focused on changing unjust policies, practices, and structures affecting the most vulnerable children. Through our global campaign, It takes a world to end violence against childrenwe are catalysing a global movement of people committed to keeping children safe from harm and violence.

We strive to ensure all children are valued, listened to, included and nurtured within peaceful, reconciled and gender equal families, communities and societies.

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