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1.4 million people have fled their homes since 2017

DRC Emergencies

In a previously peaceful but deeply impoverished region in the heart of the Democratic Republic of Congo, 1.4 million people have fled their homes since conflict exploded in 2017.

The equivalent of 8,000 people have fled their homes every single day since April 2017—with tens of thousands fleeing to Angola. An estimated 10,0000 children were forced to fight in the local militia, and many more lost family members and their homes. Altogether, 7 million children have been touched by the crisis. 

The region is now mostly peaceful, but 700,000 children are suffering from malnutrition, and 400,000 are at risk of dying. Families have spent three growing seasons on the run, and children desperately need help to process their experiences of the conflict, get back into education, and get enough to eat.