About Us

World Vision Malawi has been implementing relief, development and advocacy interventions in Malawi since 1982. The organization is currently working in all 28 districts through 39 Area Programmes and Grant supported projects. In its 2016 - 2020 Strategy, World Vision Malawi aims at making a measurable contribution in improving the well being of 1.5 million boys and girls directly and impacting the lives of another 4 million indirectly.

 The following are World Vision Malawi’s four strategic objectives:

  1. Children and mothers have improved health and nutrition status
  2. Children have improved age appropriate literacy
  3. Children live in a safe environment
  4. Children and communities have strengthened voice

 World Vision Malawi’s Grant-Funded initiatives include:

  • Malawi Integrated Water Supply, Sanitation and Hygiene (UNICEF Funded)
  • Charity Water Project
  • Child Health Now (CHN) Campaign Project
  • Mankhambira Sambizga Mwana Project Phase 2 (Tilitonse Funded)
  • Improved Forest Management for Sustainable Livelihoods Project (European Union and DFID Funded)
  • Global Fund Malaria Grant
  • Malawi Vulnerability Assessment Committee Grant (WFP Funded)
  • Scale Up Nutrition Projects in Machinga and Thyolo (World Bank funded through Malawi Government’s Department of Nutrition HIV and AIDS)
  • Prevention Against Stunting Project (WFP Funded)
  • Action for Adolescents Project (UNICEF Funded)
  • Transforming Household Resilience in Vulnerable Environments (THRIVE) Malawi Programme
  • Action for Girls and Young Women Project (Action Aid Funded)