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Digital Health Portfolio

We combine our long-standing project experience and expertise with well-established health project models and innovative digital technologies to support a greater mission: Improving health for children and their communities, especially in countries where access to healthcare is severely limited.

2020 Global Digital Health SummaryResponding to health, nutrition, and COVID-19 needs globally

Many of our digital health projects provide much-needed support not only for the current COVID-19 global pandemic but also for health issues and health-system challenges that commonly affect children and communities in low-income countries. From October 2019 through September 2020, more than 3,100 community health workers used our digital health tools to reach more than 850,000 beneficiaries. Learn more about our Digital Health portfolio’s achievements in our latest Global Digital Health Summary.

Using digital technologyUsing digital technology

We utilise low-cost, accessible digital tools, applications, and platforms such as CommCare, eClinic, KoBoToolbox, Last Mile Mobile Solutions (LMMS), mSupply, MOTECH, Viamo, and more in our digital health projects to collect and to analyse information that helps community health workers, clinics, and hospitals make the best health decisions for beneficiaries.

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Across 11 countries

World Vision currently has 14 active digital health projects, many of which are essential contributors to World Vision’s overall COVID-19 response. Find out more about them here.

Through partnerships

We work with:

  • Government ministries
  • District/provincial and local governments, health centres, leaders, and groups
  • Faith leaders
  • Other non-governmental organisations
  • Technology companies and mobile network operators
  • Public and private foundations
  • World Vision support offices

to design, implement, and fund our digital health projects. These collaborations have enabled more than half of our current projects to plan for scaling up in ways that will expand and broaden their reach even further.

Helping ensure life in all its fullness for children & their communities

Life in all its fullness

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Digital Health Contact Sherrie Simms

Sherrie Simms
Senior Director, Digital for Development & Innovation
World Vision International


Andrew Ogongo

Andrew Ogongo
Senior Programme Manager, Digital for Development & Innovation
World Vision International


Digital Health Contact Karrie Oswald

Karrie Oswald
Senior Process Advisor, Digital for Development & Innovation
World Vision International