About Us


World Vision international is a Christian Relief, Development and Advocacy organization. Its organizational goals focus on the well-being of children through long term community development and humanitarian programs. World Vision started its operations in 1950 and presently is active in nearly 100 Countries. It is governed by an International Board, with members appointed by its National Boards.

World Vision began operating in Albania in 1999 in response to the Kosovo refugee crisis. Since then, it has shifted its focus to long-term development and support to the most disadvantaged children and young people.



Where we work: 

-               We work in 220 communities, in 9 areas of Albania and 13 municipalities.

-               We work in 19 communities of 10 municipalities in Kosovo.

-               30,678 children are part of World Vision Albania Sponsorship programme.

-               6.709 children - who are part of World Vision Albania programs (Child Protection, Education, and Youth) - organized activities with other children, parents and communities to bring about change in the places where they live.

Child Protection:

-               44 children groups took 21 advocacy initiatives with peers and local structures on the role and responsibilities of child protection workers in protecting children from violence.

  • 27 plans of action were designed by children groups to address gaps identified in the actual child protection system in their communities.
  • 17 recommendations were addressed by children groups’ participants to local and national governmental institutions for improving the enforcement on adding child protection workers (CPW) and psychologists.  

-               230 partners from 13 municipalities had improved their knowledge on child protection issues.

  • 77 child protection workers from 13 municipalities and their administrative units through the main support of World Vision Albania were trained on the new law on child rights and protection. 


-               44 youth groups took 103 initiatives to bring change in their communities.

  • 624 young people engaged in these initiatives and 6582 adolescents and young people were reached from them.


-               We work in 88 schools of Albania.

-               538 teachers were trained and 487 of them were granted with an accredited certificate on inclusive education strategies and practices.

-               50 initiatives were supported on “inclusive school culture and accessibility parameters for children with disabilities” benefitting a number of 21.285 children (13.082 RCs and 7771 children with disabilities, Roma/ Egyptian or children from poor households)



What we aim for: 

World Vision in an international partnership of Christian whose mission of to follow our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in working with the poor and oppressed to promote human transformation, seek justice and bear witness to the good news of the Kingdom of Good.


Core Values

We are Christian

We are committed to the poor

We value people

We are stewards

We are partners


We are responsive   



Other important themes:

World Vision Albania is recognized in community as their mobilizer and liaison with institutions and organizations on issues that affect children's lives. Together we have supported families, informed, raised awareness and advocated for the most vulnerable children. We have cooperated with 56 organizations 18 churches and faith based organizations.

In 2015, World Vision and Save the Children partnered to bring the first national study on the prevalence of disability and access to services for children 2 to 17 years of age. In 2017, World Vision started the "Hello" social program. This program offers visits and services for children with disabilities, in the remote areas of the country, in their homes.