Bledi, a champion of child rights

“Violence against children has always been present in my city. I used to think that children beaten by their parents or teachers was something normal. I saw physical punishment as the only way to direct us to the right way." - Bledi, 15

The story of Moisi

From darkness to the light

As a child Moisi, now 23, faced problems bigger than him. But he made it…  See how he overcame adversity.

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For 20 years World Vision Albania and Kosovo work had laid in 220 communities of rural and urban settings, in 13 Municipalities of Albania (Dibra, Durrës, Elbasan, Kamza, Korça, Kurbin, Lezha, Librazhd, Maliq, Prrenjas, Shkodra, Tirana and Vlora). Only in 2018, we work with 137 youth groups through 267 volunteers and more than 330 couples parents of the young children in our programmes. We are present in 235 schools and all our programmes contribute to a safe and violence-free environment for our children.

World Vision is recognized in communities as their mobilizer and liaison with institutions and organizations on issues that affect children's lives. Together we have supported families, informed, raised awareness and advocated for the most vulnerable children. During this period of time, we have cooperated with 56 organizations 18 churches and faith-based organizations.

World Vision works on behalf of the most vulnerable children and communities in Albania and Kosovo responding to their needs. Every child has the right to grow with dignity and prosperity, in order to develop his full potential! The foundation of our work is the reconciliation of the broken relationships, unity and strengthening of partnerships.

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It takes a world to end violence against children Albania

It takes a world


In Albania, 70% of children report to have experienced at least one type of violence in the last year. 80% of parents affirm to have used physical punishment to discipline their children. World Vision believes that violence against children is a disruption of life we desire for every child. “All together to end violence against children” this was the message from senior government representatives, institutions and organizations at the launch of the campaign “It Takes A World to End Violence Against Children” by World Vision, at the end of September 2018.

Eugen Bushpepa: Violence leaves a trace!

Our Work

See the ways we are making positive changes in children’s lives in  Albania and Kosovo


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Child Protection

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Albania Disability Text

Hello Life

The first national study on the prevalence of disability showed there are 70,000 disabled children in Albania. Only 8% of them receive basic services. World Vision has launched the social program “Tungjatjeta”/ “Hello Life”, where a mobile team of experts offers visits and services for children with disabilities, in the most remote areas of the country, in their homes.

“Tungjatjeta”/ “Hello Life” is a social program that aims to socially integrate children with disabilities in remote areas of Albania.