Hsa Thu Lay, Finance and Support Services Director at World Vision International Myanmar

Empowering women: A path to Inclusive organisational development

Hsa Thu Lay, Finance and Support Services Director at World Vision International Myanmar, shares her journey to leadership and highlights the transformative impact of gender equality in organizations. She emphasizes the importance of women's inclusion for organizational success, urging action to address persistent disparities.

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Phone, a 13-year-old in Myanmar

Spreading smiles

Phone, a 13-year-old in Myanmar, is on his inspiring journey to make a difference in his small village. From community cleanups to online safety advocacy, he's proving that small acts of kindness can bring about significant change.

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Ei, a young girl in a village

From struggle to strength

Ei, a young girl in a village, witnesses the struggles of children facing food insecurity and a lack of education. Through support from World Vision, her family learns financial management, receives food aid, and rebuilds their lives. Ei dreams of becoming a doctor to help others in similar situations.

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World Vision Myanmar


World Vision Myanmar was established in 1993. Since then, it has expanded its programs in various sectors. These sectors include education, child protection, health, livelihood, disaster response, and risk reduction. We want every child to have a good education, healthcare, safety, and a secure family income.

Today, World Vision works in 31 areas and has 40 special projects in 12 states and regions. We have approximately 600 staff and 5,000 volunteers. More than 1.4 people including nearly 500,000 children are benefiting annually from World Vision Myanmar’s work. World Vision Myanmar has been working with communities, government, and NGOs in specific areas for 12-15 years.

World Vision Myanmar supports the Convention on the Rights of the Child. We also encourage children to be involved in planning programs at different levels.

VisionFund Myanmar, a subsidiary of World Vision Myanmar, provides high-quality financial services to underprivileged people to benefit from inclusive finance and unlock their economic potential.

The two groups collaborate to merge operations and assist communities with their needs, particularly in terms of employment and financial inclusion. We also ensure the sustainability of these efforts.


Our Impact

1.4 Million

People positively impacted by the comprehensive programmes of World Vision Myanmar

500,000 Girls and boys

Experienced a transformative impact, creating a lasting and positive difference in their lives

31 Area Programmes

More than 40 grants and special projects with over 600 staff and more than 5,000 community volunteers

Our Areas of Focus


World Vision is a trusted partner in Myanmar, dedicated to helping vulnerable children and their families. They are committed to making a long-lasting positive difference in the lives of these children and their communities.

World Vision has been assisting vulnerable children for more than 30 years. They do this through relief, development, and advocacy. Their goal is to improve the lives of these children holistically.

We collaborate with various organizations to support and continue the important work that improves the lives of the children we assist. These organizations include churches, faith groups, governments, businesses, community organizations, and NGOs.

Students are going back home after school hours.



We assist children and communities in getting ready for disasters.

We do this by educating them about safety, their rights, and how to react during emergencies.

We help children and families in need by working with experts, having supplies ready, and being present in the community.

Post-disaster, we stay. Shifting our focus to recovery, we actively help children and their families rebuild their lives.

Children going back to school



Our transformational development approach focuses on collaborative work with families and with local, national, and global partners.

We assist children in being active within their families. This helps them to have a happy and fulfilled life in their body, mind, and spirit.

Adapting our initiatives to local contexts, we consistently refine and learn, ensuring the highest impact for children through seamlessly integrated technical programmes.

U Kyar Hpu and his family at their house in the hillside farm



We focus our advocacy at the local level on changing practices that affect the most vulnerable children.

By equipping essential knowledge to children, parents, and communities, we empower them to actively engage in advocacy efforts.

We have two global campaigns in Myanmar. One is called "End violence against children" and the other is called "ENOUGH." 

I truly believe that every one of us has the same rights, without any form of discrimination
Phone, Former sponsored child of World Vision