World Vision Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina

The people of Bosnia and Herzegovina – a country already scarred by war and slow economic development – are still in need of help. 

At 45%, the country’s unemployment rate is the highest in the region. More than 178,000 children, or every fifth child in Bosnia and Herzegovina, live in poverty.

Political complexity and lack of shared vision amongst political representatives are hampering progress. Many young people express deep frustration over the current economic situation and many see no future for themselves here.

It is amidst these circumstances that World Vision is called to respond. To date, WV’s interventions have reached one third of the country's population focusing on child well-being and protection, health, education, and livelihood development, with a specific focus on the most vulnerable. During 2015, World Vision's work benefited more than 78,000 children in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In September 2015, World Vision expanded its work to Serbia, under Western Balkans Refugee Response helping 154,117 refugees transiting the country until March 2016.

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