About Us

Our Vision: A Child-Friendly Society Based on Communities of Trust, Where Each Child has Hope, Equal Opportunity and is Empowered to Fulfill their Full Potential

 World Vision has been in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) since 1994, implementing relief, development and advocacy interventions for the well-being of children and their families, especially the most vulnerable. To date, World Vision’s interventions have reached more than one third of the country’s population. World Vision works in more than 35 municipalities in both entities of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It also operates in six Area Development Programmes (ADPs) encompassing 19 municipalities. Supported by World Vision Taiwan and World Vision Korea, each ADP focuses on a distinct geographical area and partners local stakeholders to improve the well-being of children. Although the ADPs may vary in size, context and population and each is unique, they all seek to support families and communities to address child well-being. When Bosnia and Herzegovina was hit by record-breaking floods in May 2014, World Vision responded within the first 24 hours expanding its scope from ADPs to 11 neighbouring municipalities affected by this natural disaster. As part of restoring basic needs and strengthening the resilience of flood affected communities, World Vision responded by delivering food and non-food items; providing targeted interventions in the sector of water, sanitation and hygiene promotion; fulfilling specific needs of children by opening Child Friendly Spaces; providing shelter rehabilitation support and ensuring food security and livelihood for agricultural producers and livestock breeders. World Vision currently employs 65 full time staff in five offices across the country: Sarajevo, Banja Luka, Zenica and Tuzla.